Domestic developers and the plot of the game made our, domestic. Main character name is Basil, and his past is connected with the powerful organization under the somewhat unusual name “Altai Technologies”. It sounds a bit strange – all used to a more “Western” names, so it looks a bit naive as supercorporation.

Basil – a gray husky, muscular with a solid beard – many years ago became a novice of the monastery lost in the mountains. He’s a good fighter, but for the time being to use their skills, he had just in training.

However, one is not the most beautiful day of the monastery is attacked by unknown, and a fitting rebuff to the invaders can only give our hero.

The plot – not the most powerful place Redeemer. Besides that of the Basil and about what happened to him, virtually nothing is known throughout the campaign, and those bits of information that are available, are given in the form of meager savers and even more meager notes in the glossary.

Maybe it should have been to create a raid of mystery and motivate the search for the answer to this very complicated story, but in practice it has turned out quite the opposite – the plot is practically not pay attention.

The more that know it is not necessary – and not the genre, where you need to win, and in the atmosphere (in the same Hotline Miami ), this is the plot has no effect. Before us is the case when you can not be distracted by unnecessary and enjoy the gameplay itself.

Paws, teeth and tail

Basil, even though a novice of the monastery, very well knows how to deal with a variety of weapons, but the best he had mastered his own body. Blows with fists and heels are sent numerous enemies in a knockout, but sometimes have to use the means at hand. In the best tradition of Double Dragon can take up arms with defeated enemies, whether stun baton or “firearms”.

However, cartridges quickly come to an end, and the knives, a hammer or a crowbar at least quickly break down – all the time to run around with a club at the ready will not work.

In addition, full use objects around us – things such as chairs, fire extinguishers or banal boulders can be hurled at the enemy, and the various ovens, sharp pins on the walls and the like is applied to the interior of a dangerous instant “fatality.”

Redeemer Game Review

Firearms is better to use carefully – sometimes only it helps in particularly hot battles.

Management at the same time easier to nowhere – two kick buttons (regular and sweeping), switch on the firearm, and a jump button for those items most environments. Generally, game mechanics in the Redeemeris very uncomplicated – every mission is a linear map, which must go from end to end, killing the path of oncoming.

Enemies, though many, but special difficulties they do not deliver, in any case, the usual opponents. With more thick-skinned and dangerous representatives will have to tinker a little longer, but they are usually not so much.

If they attack the crowd, the level designers usually help to cope with them, either by hand are all the same pins yes Kamenyuki, or shortly before it was possible to get hold of a rich arsenal.

In one fell swoop seven pobivahom

With that is the very essence of the genre beat ’em up, – beating the crowds of different enemies – the Redeemer problems almost none.

Gameplay concentrated, the action does not sag, the fight is not too complicated, but happily run around the level by pressing all the buttons in a row, it does not – to think through their actions still slightly falls. As entertainment – very, very bad.

Pleasure from what is happening on the screen available – Vasily breaking limbs and folds of the neck with a bang, krovushka splatters in all directions, and his hands and itching quickly slapped cuffs enemies. But in other respects not without flaws, unfortunately.

First of all, it’s strange decision to perform virtually the entire game in a very dark and nondescript colors. It seems to be should work to create an atmosphere, but it, as experience has shown, is not here at all.

Therefore, all these hidden in the shadows of monastic quarters and lit a torch light cave creates some inconvenience. Sometimes we do not understand what’s going on on the screen – the appearance of Basil and his enemies, drawn as a gray palette, often merges with the environment.

This not only prevents the fight, but also causes strain your eyes – or you can simply do not understand exactly where our hero in the midst of battle. For the genre – it is not the best solution.

Another notable drawback – it’s opponents, or rather, a small variety of both themselves and the techniques that they use in combat. do not adjust to the struggles so hard, often works banal “train”: simply run forward, gathering for an as many enemies to score their crowd in some alley, where outnumbered lose crucial. Level design, by the way, do not shine.

Almost always have to watch the same corridors and rooms, which differ only appearance from each other – as already mentioned, the levels are linear structures. “Bosses”, again not happy – you can beat them easily.

Redeemer Game Review

Denying sometimes receives separate scenes. However, this only emphasizes the technical imperfections graphics in the game – not even say that in front of us Unreal Engine.