Pro Evolution Soccer

According to the latest issues it was clear that Konami is in the throws: the Japanese were looking for the right direction for the development of its football simulator, but found it did not succeed. And only with the release of Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 series managed to steer out of the storm.

Konami has finally made at the same time fascinating and deep tactical game mechanics.

Most matches are held in a measured pace, where you circled around the penalty opponent, build a multi-way combination to roll the ball across the field, looking for gaps in the opponent’s defensive line, and rascherchivaete diagonal transmission.

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With pasami, by the way, in the PES 15 all become much more difficult: to give accurate passes and competently take the ball can only technically skilled players like Andres Iniesta.

Only with such masters in the PES 15 will be able to conduct effective and fast attack, so staff at 15 PES play a key role. The tempo can explode at any moment, the rhythm of the game is constantly changing – and this is the main charm of PES15 gameplay.

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However, even at the highest speeds, PES 15 does not look as spectacular as FIFA. Here looks worse than a power struggle; in the rain almost unchanged physics; when striking from under the feet do not fly particles lawn. Here are made poorer and television broadcasts, which lacks a variety of angles and beautiful plans.

Replays much juicier look it in FIFA 15, although earlier on this indicator Konami ahead of his rival.

Comparisons PES with FIFA has always been inevitable, and since the PES 15, we will compare the two series more

And all because in the new issue will debut the new My Club Mode – similar Ultimate Team of the FIFA. The meaning is the same: take a poor team and gradually ennoble it, picking up players abruptly. However, the process is not so pleasant and exciting as in a similar mode of EA.

If we open FUT sets, admire the beautiful players cards or buy the right players in the transfer market, the PES 15 new players need to buy through agents. All the trite and simple: the better the agent, the best player he will. What?

It will decide the case. Most go out and buy the right players in the My Club, alas, can not. But if you remember, the FUT also did not immediately become so steep, so it turned out pretty well for the first time in Japanese. Let’s see how Konami will develop My Club in the following parts.

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Worst of all things with the network code – long waiting rivals the search menu and disable the chat during the games included. Plus Konami is not very well versed in the organization of a network game. Developers for some reason, let your opponent to miss replays of goals your goals.

And in the pause menu allowed protorchat much as much as 120 seconds! We hope that the next part of the interval will significantly reduce.

The rest in the PES 15 all remains as before. Traditionally disappointing lack of licenses for the majority of clubs: while FIFA in all its glory is the English Premier League,

PES is limited to fictional forms of the players and the name of the team that looks in a rural. But in the PES has licensed European Cup – UEFA Champions League and Europe – as well as exotic championships like the Copa Libertadores.

Despite all the shortcomings, Pro Evolution Soccer 15 – one of the most successful pieces in the series. Gameplay is finally put in order, it is necessary to bring to mind a multiplayer game, and My Club Mode, and possibly in the future, PES will have to look not so pale against the background of burnished FIFA.