Stormy seas

If we want tempest summary  it we could describe it as an open world in which we travel from one port to another and while we assault ships, we hunt for loot and carry out missions to accumulate more and more resources, so as to improve their vessel and become increasingly competitive.


The missions to be performed are varied, but all easily understandable from the theme: ranging from the simple transport of goods or men, to support the factions that dominate the various islands helping them in naval battles, to look for pirates who have decided to put sticks between the wheels or, better, the cannon balls in the hull.


Tempest has a main campaign, which tells us a story of classic piracy without particular flashes.The hundreds of secondary missions are available in ports and are assigned according to different criteria, such as the relationship with the local government, fame and so on.


Entering a friendly port means being able to take advantage of various services, such as a warehouse in which to store surplus goods, a shop from which to buy cannonballs, special objects and goods, and the classic tavern in which to hire the crew. Entering an enemy port means instead being bombed by sighting towers

Tempest definition

Share the world of Tempest between you and your friends. Pirate, trade and do quests together, or declare war to each other and watch the ocean burn! Pure singleplayer. Want to be a lone sea wolf? Multiplayer is only an option, the game is originally designed for singleplayer mode. Seafarer’s adventures.

Tempest game which can be appropriately knocked down, provided that one is powerful enough to do it (otherwise it is better to run away and return at a later time). As you determine the membership of a certain faction you should have already understood: help it and you will be opened all the doors, cannoneggiatela and will give you its lead. Pure mathematics of basic social relationships.


Tempest is structured in different screens that help you manage your adventure. Usually you navigate by setting the route on a map. This is the most convenient way to go from one point to another and, above all, to see where our goals are. The second system, much longer and tedious, is to take ship controls directly and travel in real time.

Stormy seas

The right time to get to the helm is during the fights. From this point of view Tempest offers a very simple system: with the movement keys the ship is rotated and the speed is increased. To hit an opposing ship, you must let it enter the gun radius, then press the fire button.


Depending on the crew on board, the quality of the ship and the guns and the objects they possess, there are variations in the range of the fire beam, in their precision and in the speed of recharging, as well as in the effectiveness of the shot.


In some cases it is also possible to board the enemy ships, after having properly broken them, and start at the boarding.In this way you get more loot (recovering it from the ocean is always losing something). The direct confrontation between the crews depends above all on how many men we have assigned to the task and how we manage the forces in the field. Usually you have to eliminate some enemy shooters first, then get on board and finish the work.


Depending on the strength of the opposing ship, however, different situations may arise. In short, the combat system is quite simple, but not trivial and fits well into the flow of play, made of very fast passages (you never lose too much time in the single operation).


A structural choice of this kind is justified by the possibility of playing the entire online campaign:too many delays would have ended up making the games heavy. Instead, in this way, it is possible to play even for relatively short time, without losing anything of the experience.

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