Sniper Elite 4

We will not hide: everyone likes good old bloody violence. The thirst for inflicting pain around the most sophisticated way, the desire to open the skull and chest to examine the contents carefully. Either that, or have broken GameGuru author.

While in the news almost all over the world worth howling about what the world is reborn Nazism, and all this spectacle of madness leads an aging billionaire blonde, one can not deny the fact that shooting people (and even more so in the nasty Nazis) just insanely fun.

Sniper Elite 4 true traditions of the series, and even does not try to change the already familiar to fans of entertainment with the carnival of large-caliber bullets crushed bones, exploding like a Christmas crackers cranium, long crawl on his belly in the dust and careful preparation before correcting almost every purpose. But all this will now be displayed on the background of the new scenery sunny Italy.

From the expression on the face of a German officer, it is not so much afraid of death.From the expression on the face of a German officer, it is not so much afraid of death.

At this time, the commander of the citadel of democracy, the elite sniper known as Karl Feyrbern, to Italy, to the Italian resistance fighters helped put spokes in the wheels of the German war machine.

Over a fairly short campaign Karl will perforate the skull-ranking German officers, to arrange a variety of sabotage, blow up armored vehicles and commit other dirty tricks.

In general, the standard for military action movie story line, however, is not devoid of memorable and exciting moments where the protagonist makes almost impossible, staying deep behind enemy lines, and yet surrounded by enemy forces.

Sadly only that such episodes are often marred by constantly skipping the level of complexity (more on that later) and nerazmerennym pace of the campaign, which is in process of development will increasingly distance itself from reality, bringing to the stage the mafia, strong and independent women who are fighting for freedom, and even some kind of sci-fi super-rocket, which urgently need to kill.

Sometimes it seems that in the Rebellion too love to play MK.Sometimes it seems that in the Rebellion too love to play MK.

As mentioned above, the situation changed almost had no effect on gameplay, but increased in times of location is now forced to consider a lot more variables in the planning of the next mission.

The success of combat missions depends on the player’s tactical genius, his knowledge of the terrain and the ability to choose a comfortable position for a single shot, which can easily wipe out the life of a high-ranking German officer, and with it the most ambitious plans of the enemy.

Karl Feyrbern is well aware of its responsibilities and the importance of his mission, therefore, is ready to spend hours lying on his belly in the bushes for a hundred yards before the enemy positions, pressed eye to the optical sight of his faithful rifle or binoculars, waiting for the perfect moment to bypass the regular patrol or a hole in the eye socket to some villain.

Firing scoundrels in Sniper Elite 4 , as in the predecessor, you need to take into account many factors: the distance to the target, the possible escape routes, number of enemies and their equipment and location.

You also need to be able to competently podgadat time for a shot to his sound was absorbed roar roar of artillery or airplanes. Also, no one prohibits the use of elements of the environment such as recklessly abandoned cans of fuel or suspended for flimsy fixing of heavy loads.

The case may even get to the banal or stabbing massacre. By the way, Carl now also pretty impressive breaks legs face. In the extreme case, if suddenly something goes wrong, Karl could always quickly resettle all Nazi underground multiple gunfire.

Now because of the shelter will be a fascist helmet ...Now because of the shelter will be a fascist helmet …

Willingly believe that the Rebellion tried to balance all the levels of difficulty to make the game accessible and interesting for different players. Alas, their zeal was completely destroyed by a terrible enemy artificial intelligence, which sometimes throws Homeric funny tricks.

Sometimes enemies can simply ignore fellow brain explosion a few steps away from you, and sometimes the whole gang run across the map to help someone, you are beaten in the bushes down.

Skirmishes also generally transformed into a real farce alternately looking out of the shelters by the Nazis (this is if they are still dobegut to shelters, not to get lost in broad daylight).

It seems that in the Rebellion tried to make the unpredictable enemies, but instead made a blunt.

In addition to the single player campaign, smeared on eight chapters in Sniper Elite 4 is represented by the three co-operative and competitive six game modes, none of which was not working properly.

Each mode is not suffering from a better networking code, because of which direct hits are not recorded at all times, and the mass of technical errors such plan falls through the texture of objects and various graphical artifacts.

But he does not know that the sun heats up the last seconds of his life.But he does not know that the sun heats up the last seconds of his life.

And the optimization of the game is made quite badly. This can be seen especially on the console versions, suffering from a strong drop in the frame rate in the hottest scenes. We have not gone away, and the same problems with the textures disappear and sometimes eccentric physics.