Step on the spot

Sadly, that Cyanide desire to make a good game does not coincide with the financial capacity to clearly beloved Creator of the Universe. The third game in the same setting, and things are there. Kind and good, but … Do not go Danila stone flower.

The first attempt came out lumpy – and pancake was Of Orcs and Men, rolevki, with two-three interesting ideas, a kind of peace, charismatic characters. Even more unconventional. Not in the sense of non-traditional, in which we are accustomed to understand the word (served two friends …), but in the sense that the game offers for role-based “meat for slaughter” – tandem orc and goblin.

Unusually, in general, the promisingly. But flight is not specified: the criticism greeted coldly game, players also shrugged. “Orcs” occurred not at the time, morally obsolete several years before its publication. However, a certain talent felt – and for some time could even convince ourselves that the talent just then Cyanide merit and project utyanuli their active co-authors of the Spiders (known, in general, treshedely) to the bottom of their own mediocrity.

Speculation is partly supported by the subsequent Spinoff – Styx: Master of Shadows, dedicated to one of the heroes of the previous game, Goblin Styx. Companions of the Spiders thrown overboard (it is a pity that no concrete pre Bay feet), made the game a prequel, the genre changed to stealth. It turned out, in general, not bad. The new creation took noticeably warmer than the role’s predecessor. Although it is on the hands is still not swing: Budget said its say, otpugnuv many players already in the first hours.

A review of the Styx: Shards of Darkness
The Hulk does not?

Those who are still able to appreciate hidden behind ugly wrapper dignity, noted considerable them merit number. Hardcore stealth, demanding of the player. Complicated cobwebs, which were filled with huge levels. An abundance of additional features and ways of passing. Not too outstanding, but quite a decent plot. Charisma of the hero – or rather anti-hero.

Advanced features for those who love the game pereprohodit “in everyone”, then collecting collectible items, then doing side quests, then trying to complete a level, so that even the mice have not noticed creeping in the shadows of a goblin. However, there were quite specific shortcomings. Abused unresponsive administration, a small amount of content (up to locations actually repeats), silly artificial intelligence.

Overall, it seemed like the right way to grope, it remains only to fix flaws and get a good game. This might be expected to continue. But here’s the game came out – and you know what has changed in her? And practically nothing. As a good (hurray), and in a bad (Oh Well) sense.

The development took about two years, of which almost half the time the game dragged with outdated Unreal Engine 3 to UE4. Budget, too, apparently, has not increased either by a penny. That affected the result.

On the one hand, yes: on-site were all dignity. Charming Goblin Styx, his cynicism, malicious jokes, seasoned materkom strong, permanent treatment directly to the player (up to tapping your finger on the “wrong side” of the screen) take the lion’s share of the load on the task to hold the attention.

A review of the Styx: Shards of Darkness
Jokes, though not always funny. But who is without sin? Hehe? Heh? Ha? Ah, well, we passed.

Do not let us down and the gameplay – it is still a “stealth old school”, not vodyaschy player’s arm, not to label each hazard big exclamation mark. With a mass of opportunities in different ways to solve a particular problem. With optional goals and conditions thrower additional call.

It is impossible not to note the difference between difficulty levels – they differ not only by the number and location of the guards at the location, but also by the approach to the gameplay.