Steel Division: Normandy 44

For a game about World War II, it is difficult to find a more hackneyed theme, than “Operation Overlord” – the opening of the allies of the “Second Front” in Western Europe.

With a light hand of Steven Spielberg (Steven Spielberg) and Tom Hanks (Tom Hanks), vividly showed in “Saving Private Ryan” and “Band of Brothers” heavy fighting over the coast of Normandy, the “D-Day” is so attracted developers that fight on the landing zone “Omaha” or storm the coastal town of Saint-Lo had almost every action movie dedicated to world War II. However, the strategy also did not lag behind.

Steel Division is entirely devoted to battles in the north-west coast of France. Unlike WargameWhere the amount available for wagering nations to leave the third part has grown to a good size (considering DLC), then actors will be much less.

It is understandable, given the scope of which have been given a choice setting. But even here, developers can add some fun to a choice: if on the side of the Axis until only the German forces, then that’s the Allies is available not only to the US Army, but also the British, French, Canadians and even Poles.

As in Wargame (by comparison with previous projects Eugen Systemscan not escape), preparing for the battle begins long before the first shots will be performed.

First, you need to assemble your party (the old memory is more often used the word “deck”, or deck), belonging to one or another actually fought in Normandy division. There is the famous “Screaming Eagles” – 101st Airborne, there is the 12th SS Panzer Division “Hitler Youth” and many others, up to exotics like already mentioned the Poles.

“Units” included in the squad can only belong to one division. This imposes certain imprint on the choice of future strategy in action – the division are airborne, infantry, mechanized and tank.

unobtrusively developers make it clear that it is necessary to collect highly specialized “deck” – if the mechanized and infantry divisions still allow some room for maneuver, the tank and the landing of such flexibility can not afford. Therefore, they play more convenient in conjunction with other divisions, and the outcome of the battles alone will largely depend on how “lucky” Are you a contender.

Steel Division: Normandy 44 game review

Watching and drawing up best “deck” for hours without stopping to make adjustments after every battle.

In turn, each unit is divided into several combat arms: intelligence, infantry, tanks, support, antitanki, air defense, artillery and aircraft. In drawing up the “deck” should be aware of one of the important features of Steel’s Division : the fight is divided into three phases – military intelligence, skirmish and battle. The first two lasted for ten minutes each, and the last one goes to the end of the battle.

Every minute increase in points for which you can call reinforcements, depends on the division under the control of the player, and on whether it is the combat phase is now happening. In addition, all military units are divided into three groups – A, B and C. If the “units” icon And you can call at any time (to have enough points), the reinforcement of the type B – from the second phase, and the C – already during the final stage of the battle.

Finally, the reinforcement points are falling on their own, regardless of whether the player controls a certain area or not – the battle for pre-marked kartodelom zone, unlike Wargame , there will not be. To win, you need to control a large portion of the entire card, not some abstract field.

All this leads to what is thrown at the starting points the opponent has all chances to turn the tide in their favor – would be enough time.