Dungeon Rats

Recall, of Age of Decadence for a long time in development, but when I got in the last year, created a furor among the fans of the genre, who appreciated not collect “loot” and committed “pumping”, and winning back the role.

Through non-linear, this RPG offered ourselves to build your way to survive in the medieval world, something reminiscent of the universe “Game of Thrones.” Despite the fact that in the Age of Decadencehas a turn-based battle system, the game is focused on communication, scandals, political intrigues, investigations and numerous clashes between factions.

Nevertheless, the battle there were also quite interesting and challenging. They have no magic, and success depends on the equipment set up including in person, “pumping” the many skills and the proper use of travel points. The same weapon can beat differently, spending a different amount of Action Points. In Dungeon Rats authors decided to reveal the full potential of this combat system.

Very charismatic corpse

To do this, they naturally made some changes. And above all, we removed almost all the “pacifist” skills – with the exception of “Charisma”, “Kraft” and “Alchemy”.

No, there is also a text, as well as situations where the game checks the same “charisma” that you have tried to convince certain enemies lay down their arms, or “Agility”, when you need to squeeze into a narrow cave of treasure. And from time to time you need to make decisions that will determine which of the four endings you get.

But on the whole of Dungeon Rats via the – this is exactly that fight, fight and fight again. On the way to the exit, and for freedom will have to pass a series of five dozen challenging turn-based battles, punctuated by trade, search provisions (allowing restore health between battles) and the collection of resources for the “craft” and alchemy.

Dungeon Rats game review

“Bleeding” and outfitting companions completely farmed out to the player.


We are together?

However, the more often you will be interrupted by the use of magic to save and load. Simple fights do not happen here, even at low levels of difficulty where enemies get fifty percent penalty to damage. And the high exhausting battle turned into a strategic puzzle game where you have to delicately calculate every step and every stroke – it was his one may not be enough to win.

For greater visual sensations can fight alone, as was the case in of Age of Decadence , but Dungeon Ratsalso it allows you to assemble your own squad – and this is the second major change compared to the base game. All along the passage to you can join the ten companions of different races, and each – with its history, equipment and combat specialization. But with a permit to take a maximum of three, moreover if the level of “Charisma” allows.

But even the full composition does not guarantee an easy life. The experience is equally distributed among all his friends, and therefore more of them, the slower the “pumping”. So we have to wonder, what is better – to beat one, evolving rapidly, and fight shoulder to shoulder with slowly progressive companions.

difficult movement

Together with the party and appeared to manually arrange the soldiers before battle. This is very important – often more literate arrangement allows you to exit the winner of the most difficult situations.

Location in battle is particularly important, because in Dungeon Rats appeared mechanics attacks from the flank and rear, causing more damage. But there was no magic and no – its role is played partly traps, nets and bombs, without which the other battles, especially with the “bosses”, it seems impossible to pass.

Other important innovations note button expectations that lets let the enemies close, but did not finish the course, as well as belt extension for bombs, potions and change weapons in combat.

It is somewhat easier manipulation in the inventory, but much fuss still a lot – for example, it is necessary each time the piece to charge the bow arrows, but it needs to get into the menu, select the arrow, click on it right mouse button, select the “Equip”, close the inventory … in general, in the end, I decided to do without the archers – time and nerves, you know, is more expensive.