Underwater weekdays seasoned captain

During the game the gamer becomes the captain of one of three submarines to choose from, gradually gaining command, it teaches and improves entrusted to him the means of transportation. First, the tasks that throws a game, interesting and breathtaking.

For example, gamers are asked to give full forward and immediately go to the nearest bar. There, waiting for a new member of the team, a couple of sailors and alcoholics local bartender. Further down the player sent the story in a more crowded area of ​​the ocean.

In those places you can get hold of money, dial experienced team, increase the depth of immersion of the submarine and to strengthen its case for a meeting with the pirates.

The way in this area passes through the ancient and ruined buildings, huge underwater caves covered with hundreds of glowing corals and abandoned research stations.

Because of this variety of impressions, the first couple of hours of playing Diluvion be really memorable. But after the arrival of the very crowded area and perform repetitive quests of the type “go there, pick up the rusty gears 10 and 38 simultaneously grasp hatches from underwater stations”, you know that in addition to these tasks, and the gradual improvement of the ship there is nothing to do.

But game developers, studio Arachnid Games is , did not bother even to endow their offspring at least some lorom and come up with a couple of dozen nesyuzhetnyh quests.

The paucity of imagination reflected in the local NPC. The game will have gamers to chat with tight on the head with a two-dimensional Dunces vocabulary, like seashells.

Their whole function is to ensure that players have the same issue and boring story quests and the handle of the lead to the final game.

But not everyone will want to walk up to it. After all, it needs to deal with inadequate map, perform dozens of the same quests, sell tons of trash collected for pennies, to hire for the money dorogushchuju and dull team and improve submarine incomprehensible pieces of metal. After that, your battleship get stronger only just a little, get a little better gun and a more or less distinct crew.

Diluvion - review
Here’s what all the local NPC.

At the same time the player will have to fend off the pirates of the same, look for the right clock on a quest place, somehow managing to get used to the needy submarine and strange behavior of the camera during a fight. It is also important not to break the keyboard on the screen from the conceit of local NPC.

For example, on the instructions you go in search of abandoned and uninhabited for a long time the research station.

Let’s say, after half an hour, and by happy coincidence, you will find it and prishvartuetes. On the basis of the dying will have to wait a little bit of valuable loot and only escaped member of the research expedition. You take away the prey, and rubbing his hands, invited him to join the crew.

After all, every team member is important and strengthens one of the parameters of the submarine. But what will surprise when this bastard will agree to work for a lot, especially early in the game, the amount of money.

Diluvion - review
Scarcity of loot and a half-empty inventory – a normal thing for Diluvion.

No less striking and illogical system saves. The fact that Diluvion can not save yourself the progress of passing. The game itself does AutoSave, but to guess at what point it happens, it is impossible. Sometimes, exploring the vast expanses of underwater and carrying the tedious quests, the game can Avtosohranie five times in one minute, but can do so only once in ten, twenty or even thirty minutes.