Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past

Pedestals allow transported back in time and get to the other islands, which used to be enough for the whole Caribbean.

Each new island brings its individual history, original characters and their dramas. In some Aboriginal women led away enemies. Other monster with nearby mountain turned into animals. Still others suffer from the attacks of the mechanical army.

All this is very similar to the series that starred in the late nineties and early two thousandth – remember at least Lexx and adventures of Xena and Hercules. One journey – one series, without much reference to the immersion and episodic actors. In this sense, Dragon Quest VII , even ahead of its time.

Not surpassed by the level of plot, characters and exploring the development of speed. As you know, in front will be an absolute evil, the traitor from among former comrades and other platitudes along with the ability to save the world.

Episodic Logic worked best, even if the plot is very simple. On each island their mood. We will amuse, changing clothes characters in costumes of pigs kept in suspense by showing how the local make a death ritual for them, while you are fighting with monsters and scare, forcing the night in a village where all the inhabitants turned to stone.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past обзор игры

In various stories involving the same external NPC, which is slightly lubricates impression.

Heroes are not so varied. The same Kiefer fulfills one line – cocky adventurer and Maribelle always acts like a boss. Well, the plot keeps the mystery and innuendo, fabulous and good-natured tone, prompting solve another mystery. However, numerous departures stretching action. For example, to reach the first fight, it will take two hours, the first “boss” you will find five, hints of acting behind the scenes the evil power will be ten …

Fragments converted last

According to the structure and locations of episodes remake repeats the original, but many things are redesigned to comply with the time.

Those who remember the version of the PSone, immediately noticed that the dialogue is completely rewritten, and the names of the minor characters are quite different. Primitive characters spoke earlier – are now in their words were the original intonation, someone got catchphrase.

Overdone places: on the part of the islands speak with unimaginable accents such as Old English or Italian, because of what becomes a funny and not very clear. Russian translation, alas, no.

This may scare many, because in Dragon Quest VIItext very much, and you need to read carefully. Miss or do not penetrate references necessary for the promotion of the secondary characters – have a long run in vain or playing passage.

And the characters are revealed through conversations between the characters. More here regularly given the answer choices in the dialogue, but it only affects how long the scene.

Appearance has changed even more than text. People from the microscopic plane and became great, and three-dimensional.

Clearly reminiscent’s Style eighth part. The design of the characters a little bit does not correspond with the portraits, which remained in the service menu of the original, but on the whole the impression of a pleasant, both on the cartoon. Not enough except that the voiced dialogue and a variety of extras.

In each new village, as before, you will meet the same priest, a guy in a red fez, his grandfather in a cassock. Original look only story characters. Own towns and villages are still executed in 3D, and can be viewed at different angles.

If we talk about 3D, which creates image depth, this version of Dragon Quest VII– not the best example. No, technically everything is fine, but no “wow” -effect or improvement from the inclusion of stereoscopic mode is not. Characters and monsters are not felt volumetric depth is only in combat.

Dragon Quest VII: Fragments of the Forgotten Past обзор игры

Enemies are visible on the map, and run away from them is difficult only in narrow corridors of the dungeons.

With the eternal problem of JRPG old, that is, with the random battles, finished. In the dungeons and enemies visible on the map, noticing our band of, they attack, leaving a chance to escape. The element of chance was: if attacks you cute “Slyme,” this does not mean that the battle will only “Slyme” – apart from them can fall the enemy stronger.

Separate paragraph it is necessary to cry about the soundtrack. He is very monotonous, the tune with the global map, you can sleep and read long dialogues under the mournful chords sometimes physically painful. Also, the music is worse than in the Japanese version – orchestral compositions are replaced with the MIDI-format.

saving of time

For “serial” story line and earn some money for the modern look is still old-fashioned role-playing game in the spirit of the early – mid-nineties. Battles were step by step, with a first-person. There plenty of tactics and the need to regularly “swing”, or “bosses” will be easy to kill. An important role is played by equipment and then what kind of magic with the abilities you use. Deeper retell these basics of JRPG, perhaps I will not.