Zombie Vikings

One, just one 

Zombie Vikings – it is unicellular cooperative arcade game where you and three friends need to move from left to right and score everything that moves on the level. The essence of this process has not changed since the days of Double Room Dragon , although in this case it is better to set the example of Castle then Crashers .

The case begins in Valhalla, where the old one-eyed One rubs his staff (by the way, the quality of humor – it can be quite subtle euphemism). The process is interrupted Loki and the gods begin to bicker in the spirit of a cheap sitcom, even substituted the corresponding “jingles” in the background. After frantic antics villain kidnaps one eye and walks away.

In order to bring him back from the dead resurrected four zombies (actually six – a couple can be bought as DLC). All – bright, strange character types: female raven, man, fused with octopus, bad talking hedgehog and flirtatious babischa growth under two meters. They take the keys from one ship (which stands on the car alarm and blinking lights) and go catch the villain.

What exactly did not expect was that the selected character will constantly try to gag “in his style” until the start of the story: at the level of meet some nasty worms, and the like begin normal arcade pro fights.

The combat system is simple; at first it seems unusual, but to master over time. Apart from the basic attacks, you can save up for a powerful strike, the characters have a unique ability – to scatter the surrounding octopus scatter exploding skull or explode to deal damage to others. Still there is a block, a pair of dodges, able to attack from the air and stuff like that.

Zombie Vikings game review

Baykl May. The description says that every stroke triggers an explosion.

Enemies also do not shine. There are only four types: normal, thick, throw bombs, healthy “poluboss”. From level to level it changes only the appearance of: worm, Ghost, Knight, peasants, cat. The behavior remains the same, therefore, worked out in the first half hour battle tactics quite hold out until the final.

But something strange: after passing the first level, I was surprised to run into a long cut-scene with trademark humor. Controlled zombie cut the worm in front of her son-mother into pieces (which were immediately crawled). To which she joyfully exclaims: “Hurray! I always wanted a big family! Although the stop where I’ll find the money for four scholarships to college ?! ”

And this is only the beginning of madness. It turned out, the developers have gone contrary to the laws of the genre and common sense: they did play the most saturated plot. Constantly going around any game, and it directly affects the gameplay, and the total duration of all the clips is committed to the length of a feature film.

Nezamolkayuschie dead

Loki, meanwhile, did not really do anything with one eye and looking for a defender, such as an old witch who needs to polish her boiler (no, here I’m pretty sure about a euphemism), or the team captain athletes on steroids. To go through all these characters, see five mikrosyuzhetov length in several levels and still save the world.

After two hours of play, for no apparent reason begin to unfold the details of the biography of the protagonists: how they died and why they look this way, with their feathers or octopus. In this case, the absurdity of the plot hells only increasing, and jokes hail knocked literally every ten seconds. This may sound like a compliment, but in fact there is: a sense of humor to the authors of the country.

Zombie Vikings game review

Oh, do not ask. Yes, this rainbow – not just from behind.

It seems that the script was written collectively and completely filtered because next to the really successful gegami coexist pimply ass kissing. And all in the spirit of “I have lost cat, and the Internet is still not invent a thousand years.” The same is true for the visual style: in the worst moments it rolled almost to the level of “The Ren & Stimpy Show.”

How to treat this – hard to say. Sometimes from the nonsense that’s going on in the picture, it is a shame, but occasionally still funny. And to some extent even curious. In addition, the events directly affect the gameplay, so willy-nilly, to follow.

Nothing extraordinary game does not offer, but in the framework of the modest possibilities of gameplay trying to entertain: the force of gnomes catch, throw the chickens. In one scene, chased us an angry mob, the other – you have to jump on the conveyor belts at the plant for the production of soda. Not much of a variety, of course – still have to beat the same four types of foes. But this at least every time a new cause.

Where the passage of more interest adds that the game forces the use of each character in turn. Formally, a character just has to be on the team, but if you do not have a friend, the online someone can not be found. Therefore, the user literally forced to get to know everyone.

While playing in the company, of course, more fun, but it is standard practice, and the merits of the game itself in this.

Due to the very different speeds and superpriomam battle tactics every zombies cool different. How different and “upgrades” are available for purchase between missions: you can choose from a wide assortment of swords of different bonuses, and in addition to take to fleece, restoring health, or allowing to throw its allies.

At each level, in addition, hidden side quests unrelated to the story, but each time the “handmade” and unexpected outcome. Grandmother searching for her cat, and all the time refers to the fact that it finds on a smell; it turns out the old woman holds a skunk for a pet.

Or girl stuck in the whale’s blowhole when I pulled her hard, she screamed: “I asked for help to someone propihnul me inside! There must be treasure! ”

Zombie Vikings game review

Scary to think how the game will be perceived if skip cut scenes that explain why you play football against moths.



The idea to create a co-op beat ’em up with a focus on the story – bad. So do not, because it does not work. When you play with your friends no one wants to grasp the meaning of dialogue and memorize the characters (especially since the story of the long – in one go it will not pass), and to loneliness genre does not have: the combat system is still not sufficiently complex to be really interesting .