Deadhaus Sonata – creator of Blood Omen spoke about the development of the spiritual heir to Legacy of Kain

Author Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain Denise Diak spoke about the development of the spiritual heiress of his game called Deadhaus sonata. The clerk is a well-known specialist in the industry. In addition to Blood Omen, he was the development manager. Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem for Gamecube and designer Too human for Xbox 360.

Now the clerk founded his own studio Apocalypseto create the “sequel to Legacy of Kain you always wanted.” According to its creator, Deadhaus Sonata, like Legacy of Kain, is an action game with role-playing elements, in which the main emphasis is on the gloomy narrative part. Instead of the vampire Cain, players will be offered the role of the undead, which fights the living. This is the first moment. The second is humor. Developers draw inspiration from Stubbs the zombie and similar games where you control the living dead.

For fans to play with friends, Apocalypse Studios has prepared multiplayer, though not in its traditional sense. Deadhaus Sonata allows you to go through the story in the company of up to six people. Moreover, the game has the ability to directly broadcast a picture in Twitch, which, according to the creators, will help streamers interact with viewers in the process of passing.

The release of Deadhaus Sonata is scheduled for later this year. Initially, the game will be released on PC, and then visit the PS4 and Xbox One.

Clerk previously called Deadhaus Sonata “a mixture of Bloodborne and Diablo.”.

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