CS: GO decided to punish chatty players

The creators of the popular team shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive decided to severely punish players who abuse voice chat.

Shooter developers CS: GO admitted that there is still a problem with chatty players in the game, Gamebomb.ru reports. Some of them insult their partners, others turn on loud music, and some simply speak too much out of business, preventing the team from listening to the steps of the enemies. Now in CS: GO a new punishment system will appear. If they complain more about such players than other gamers, they will receive a warning. If after that they continue to behave incorrectly and continue to collect complaints, their voice chat will be disabled. However, any partner can manually turn it back on.

The creators of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive explained that the new punishment will automatically drown out the player for each of his partners, Gamebomb.ru reports. This system will be included in each match until he earns enough experience. After that, for everyone in the team, by default, his voice chat will be turned on again.

CS: GO developers said they had already begun to collect complaints, so the first warnings will be issued in the near future. In addition, each denunciation will have its own significance level. The less a person plays and the more often he sends complaints, the less influence he has on the possibility of punishment. So the creators of the game want to avoid spam complaints and at the same time achieve better communication between players.

CS: GO shooter was released in 2012 on Steam. The game gradually lured fans of the previous parts of the franchise and became the most popular project in the genre of tactical team shooters.