Football Manager 2016

Football Manager 2016 comes another year with Sports Interactive to try to offer the maximum sport strategic simulation that exists today.


With a base that we already know of several deliveries, the improvements implemented last season especially in interface issues and several new

Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void

options in the day to day of our coach, the game continues betting on total and absolute realism in the management of a sports entity. Of course, despite the fact that the global calculation of the game is still powerful, it is necessary to take steps forward to turn the work of Sports Interactive into a comprehensive sports proposal almost seamlessly, something that still has a way to go.

When you start this new release for the first time you realize that many of the proposals that were made in the last edition have been permanently.


This is especially noticeable in the interface, which keeps the bar on the left in the form of quick actions to enter and touch all kinds of options. Squad,


training, scouts, affiliates, youth, etc. Naturally, with emails as the main axis of our work. It is the emails that allow us to contact our day to day, whether chatting with the board, negotiating a sale or signing or consulting with our second coaches and helpers strategies to follow in the future.

Football Manager 2016 (OSX) screenshot

The formula of hyperlinks to navigate with ease through the interface is also maintained, allowing access to several drop-down elements according to each option we choose at any time. In any case, the sobriety remains intact in some menus that are functional


but that are missing in some moments something more accessibility. Not in the main menu, but at the time of presenting certain information and


statistics -of our staff, or at the end of the games- it can be somewhat confusing and less intuitive than it seems during the first bars of departure. Within a few hours we get all the inputs that are shown on the screen, which are not exactly few in many moments.

The first step in Football Manager 2016 is to create our coach and choose your destination. In addition to a series of elements of visual personalization that are somewhat debatable, we will also have to choose our technical style according to a series of variants and then place it on a team.


Note that the game is licensed by dozens of countries and several leagues – in the case of the Spanish is the BBVA and Liga Adelante – and that


recreates with extreme fidelity the organization charts of the teams. It is a joy to see how Josep Maria Bartomeu speaks to you (for being the real president of Barça, not for being him eh) as president of FC Barcelona, ​​but even more so when we go deeper: the directors of the Barça club, Unzúe as a right hand in the staff technical,

Football Manager 2016 (OSX) screenshot

The feeling of beginning that we have with the game is that the spectrum of dialogue options that we have with all this type of people that we have desgranado a moment ago has been extended. We will have long talks and meetings with the board, with whom we will draw our objectives, we will try -or not- to fit with what the club demands, we will talk about styles of play,


the future of players or internal issues of operation of the entity. We have a large number of response options that allow you to mark your own profile,


and although it is true that sometimes some of the decisions cost to see their application in the development of our team, in general one identifies how everything evolves according to the parameters that we have wanted to integrate … as long as the results accompany.

In Football Manager 2016 we have absolute control of everything that happens around our team. We can take a promising player and upload it to


the first team, manage the type of training we will do with each player, expand the relationship with the press in the press releases by sending messages


that directly affect our staff, negotiate sales, transfers or assignments of all type and, of course, design tactics, create slate moves, game styles and select summoned, headlines, etc. The options are many, and they are also transferred to match day.