Sunset Overdrive

The protagonist – a cleaner local corporations FizzCo, who holds in his hand the government and with the help advertisers and beautiful words turned the public opinion, as he wants.

The company has just introduced a new energy soda Overcharge Delirium XT and rolls on the occasion of a great a pleasure party. She advanced youth revels in chemistry to music, resembling intercourse robots, and falls into a dance of ecstasy.

We at this time have to take out the garbage and shoveled shit after revelers. The next moment, dancing are cut off women’s screams, and a beautiful young body begin to turn yellow, burst and covered with blisters vile. Disco is over, replaced by youthful and fun come the apocalypse – the beginning of our holiday.

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It turns out, FizzCo in such a hurry to please people a new product that failed a couple of lab tests and bribery gave drink to the market. Overcharge Delirium XT is a poisonous potion that turns people into crazed mutant killer.

A serious company, of course, knows how to solve these problems, so the city is closed to quarantine and all over the world talk about the outbreak of treacherous cold. And we grab the hands of the mount and try to take the best of the situation.

Once in the bright Sunset City, if you first get rid of the parents and roll your effing brawl. Around is a real carnival, and no matter what you do, all the funny and memorable. The hero can transform into anyone: bearded woman in spandex or lively Cossack pitching, which is threatening to walk around with a banana in a holster.

But whatever his mustache it is not stuck and no matter what cowards do not dress, it will be skillfully jumping on cars and ledges, run on water and the walls and boldly to slide on wires and rails. At the same time with all the acrobatics will shoot mutants, bandits and robots, filling slider style, consisting of three levels.

Once it is full, the game will launch additional amplifiers hero. Jumping from the earth begins to explode, erupt sacrificed thunder, followed by a character polyhnet hellfire, but from the flip mutants will die even faster. Abilities can be switched, buy or cook from the new energy and the old pump.

During cooking, Sunset Overdrive does turns into some kind of circus Tower Defence. Over three minutes have to fend off crowds of enemies using traps, meat grinders and arsenal without missing evil to the boiler. If you can handle, you will unlock new abilities that will make the player more powerful.

Improvements can hang on the arms, among which there chlenopodobny musket-shotgun, grenade launchers, Loupian bowling balls and teddy bears and all sorts of musical records throwers and boomerangs. Upgrades will strengthen the arms and allow to burn mutants with napalm and lightning. But that’s not all.

Each gun has its own level, which will rise if it will kill. And if you do it beautifully, in jumps, slides and other acrobatics, the player will receive skillpointy for which will be able to buy “Krutizatory”.

And they what? Make weapons more deadly and teach new chips! The hero and his arsenal of abilities and so much room for adjustments that immediately around it and you fail in the first few hours not even know where that add character and why of a sudden became a lava flow. But over time, adapt himself to everything,

For murder and execution of the hero quests reward money, energy, and update your wardrobe. Drain the local currency will be at the local moth-stylist and gloomy arms baron, who pulled up your arsenal and help choose the new trendy pants.

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In the story, you will not be much to download, put a difficult choice or unexpectedly planting a knife in the back.

Each new mission – just another theater of the absurd, where you help the homeless take the train to a better life or to escape moonshiner from gangsters who want to seize the recipe elite vodochka. In the main campaign to get out of the city, and the problem is often not so absurd, but they cheer details.

For example, in order to escape a flying car, you will need to print the propeller the 3D-printer, assembled from a vending machine chocolate. Huge balloon boss will first advertising slogan to persuade you to sip a poisonous soda to “cause the brain to a tone,” and then under the psihanet and foul language starts firing lasers. You also have to fly over the city on the creaking jalopy,