Total War: ATTILA – Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack

Carl Carloman have stolen the throne of

history – not rubber: bright, causing trepidation among the mass public eras quite a bit, as appropriate for the mechanics of Total War – even less. So we have to keep coming back to the developers have used the setting. Previously, fans dreamed of Rome II of .

Now, when hunger appeased, bring them to Medieval 3 . And indeed the Creative Assembly , seems to have had enough of the Roman theme: after the barbarian invasions from the greatness of the “eternal city” has disappeared, and a series of add-ons are confident in the direction of the Middle Ages.

Antique theme zatorta up holes, but to decide on the creation of Medieval 3 developers still can not. Age of Charlemagne– a kind of bridge from one era to another. It was the last additional campaigns by Attila , but it stands out compared to other DLC: the court of the early Middle Ages, on the battlefields of breaking swords knights, and in social life are emerging feudal relations.

768 th year. Pepin the Short , king of the Frankish state, dying of dropsy. Throne is divided between his two sons – Karlomanom and Carl . Historically, the latter destined to become the Father of Europe, to war with all those with whom one can unite the continent to confront external threats and to lay the foundations of feudalism, which will become the pillar of the whole of social life for many centuries to come.

Crossing Europe

It is this period is devoted to DLC. From such a change of the setting legitimately expect radical changes in the mechanics of the game. Nevertheless, of Age of Charlemagne – just a supplement, and therefore the requirements for it must be appropriate.

Gameplay looks about the same as in by Attila : develop and produce a settlement edicts in captured towns, venturing political intrigue, trying to maintain a balance between “control” and “domination”, developing technology, and gradually expand the territory.

Total War: ATTILA - Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack game review

The case when the order of the commander – madness.

However, all this is perceived somewhat differently. This is the case when a change of scenery can significantly transform the gaming experience.

The developers have changed a lot: from the interface, made in medieval style (though the buildings are painted icons too primitive), and ending with a unique history. Completely redrawn Game Card: things are moving within the framework of the fifty European provinces.

New buildings, new “units”, a new branch technology tree, which, by the way, look for each faction in his own way – although the basic mechanics remain intact, to recreate the spirit of the new time Creative Assembly ‘s definitely possible.

The game features eight fractions, the campaign for each of them stands out for its level of complexity. Do any of the people – their advantages: the Avars accumulate more experience in the cavalry battles, and pawn shops resulting increase in income from puppet states

. For all campaigns, prescribed a certain amount of plot events that somehow pushes the player to following the real historical line.

So, playing for the Vikings, I immediately got the task to conquer Britain, and my unwillingness to do that turned the conflict with the political elite.

And by the Frankish state, I soon received the news of the death of Carloman – brother Charles– and the possibility, in accordance with the history to seize their land. However, it was possible to go the other way and to support his son, thus strengthening the relations between the states. Such dilemmas story is very cool show alternatives to the development of history.

For the Tribe! 

Since the Age of Charlemagne devoted entirely different era than by Attila , it is reflected in the campaign atmosphere.

There is no decadent sentiment, no feeling restless approach something terrible. The plot develops gradually weakened state not in a hurry to fight each other.

And that this is the main drawback additions – the new campaign as a whole is much more measured and calm and after the atmospheric Attila It looks somewhat dryly.

Total War: ATTILA - Age of Charlemagne Campaign Pack game review

Branches of technology tree if desired, can be used as a game “find out from labyrinth”.