Pixar conducted a cartoon tour of the studio – review

Famous studio Pixargiving us “Toy story“,”Mystery Coco“,”WALL-E“And”Up”, Decided to arrange a tour of its headquarters in Emerville. And for this, animators specializing in three-dimensional computer graphics made a two-dimensional video.

In the video, the creators brought interesting numbers about their place of work. In 1986, when the Pixar opened, it had only 40 people. Now almost 1,200 workers are working here.

In the mornings, all Pixar employees can enjoy eleven varieties of oatmeal and nine kinds of milk. During breaks, they can swim in the pool for 110 thousand gallons of water. But they have to take turns watching their own films: the local cinema is designed for only 250 seats.

Pixar’s office is easy to recognize. After all, in front of him are the symbols of the studio: a lamp and a ball from the short animated film “Junior Suite“, Released in 1986. And in the office itself there is a museum of posters and paraphernalia and a store of unique souvenirs.

In the new year, Pixar is preparing two premieres, with the original ones. These are cartoons “Forward“With Tom Holland and Chris Pratt starring and”Soul”, In which the soul of a music teacher must undergo training before a new birth.

The territory of the Pixar campus is closed to outsiders, they do not conduct excursions here. So only employees and their guests can see all this live.

Pixar entrusts Tom Holland with New Year greetings to viewers