creators of Outriders showed the distorted world of the monks – review

New trailer Outriderspublished by the Polish studio People can fly, looks impressive, despite the fact that there is not a single person in it. The creators dedicated a fresh video to the landscapes of the world of the Monk – one of the first planets on our way.

On the planet Enoch, the first landed ones encountered a mysterious storm, nicknamed Anomaly. He disabled all high-tech equipment, destroying plans for the colonization of the planet. After all, all the necessary resources and mechanisms remained in orbit, and it is impossible to contact the base.

During the exhibition Pax east 2023 Outriders team held a panel during which they talked about creating a new universe. The developers focus on the plot and history, and for this they tried to create an integral and convincing universe.

At the very beginning of the work, the creators detailed the history of the game world for two hundred years: from 2023 to 2209. On dozens of pages they described all the political and economic changes that led to the decline of the Earth, and also explained how they tried to stop the extinction of mankind.

All these events took place before the start of the game, and we can find out the whole background by exploring the world of Outriders. Outriders will be released by the end of the year on the PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC (via Steam)

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