Rumor: Outriders shooter will be available for free on Xbox Game Pass from day one

IN Xbox Game Pass some new project is about to appear, somehow connected with an anomaly and a mysterious signal.

A hint of this was made by the official Twitter account of the service, spreading on the network a screenshot of an allegedly internal letter from Melissa McGeympassIn it, a fake employee talks about a new game that was confirmed to appear in Game Pass and is not related to the latest announcements, clearly pointing towards Bethesda.… She further asks if anyone has noticed a strange signal coming from afar lately, and if this is an anomaly.

Some users have suggested that the teaser may be related to Outriders by Square Enix and People Can Fly… According to the plot of the game, in the future, earthlings made an attempt to colonize the alien planet Enoch, from where a mysterious signal came from that gave humanity hope for a new home. However, the expedition team sent there, while searching for the source of the signal, encountered a powerful energy storm known as the Anomaly. He disabled all equipment, but at the same time endowed the colonists with super powers.

Outriders coming out 1st April… If the shooter really does add to the Game Pass library, then it will be a powerful service offering, since the project was originally presented as an AAA product and will be sold at full price. 60 dollars

At the same time, Microsoft teased the addition of DOOM Eternal, Rainbow Six: Siege and Control to the “Gamepass” with similar letters, so even if these are not Outriders, we are clearly talking about some major game.

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