Black bar for Valve: Dota Underlords lost 95% of the audience in six months

Company Valve continue to pursue failure. Despite the fact that the autobutler Dota underlords held in tops Steam, the game in just six months has lost about 95% of the audience. According to users, over the past month, daily online in Underlords averaged about 12 thousand people.

Among the reasons, many indicate the inability of developers to determine the development of the project. The October update was especially criticized. However, the auto battlers as a whole did not succeed in becoming the same breakthrough as the royal battles.

Serious competition also plays against Dota Underlords. So, Auto chess interested in the Asian audience, and Riot games launched Teamfight tactics. At the end of 2019, the main attention was drawn to itself Blizzardthat has reimagined the autobatters as a mode Battlegrounds for CCI Hearthstone.

Note that Dota Underlords is also available on mobile devices.

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