Back in the field with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

The way in which the Pro Evolution Soccer series ended up chasing after being the queen of football simulations for years, has been spoken far and wide. In the meantime, we left behind a videogame generation, with the entry into the current one, which for Konami’s football symbolized a real rebirth.


A process of renewal that lasted years, the fruits of which have been able to appreciate in alternating phases up to an edition like last year , with which the Japanese publisher has brought


Pro Evolution Soccer in the right direction. Summer 2018 brought with it an online beta, organized to try not to run into the same mistakes of the past, with the hope


then to ensure with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 that leap in quality that in all respects could bring the simulation on par with FIFA. Some ideas about it we made it already with the demo arrived last week, but with the approach of the official release date of Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is now time to draw conclusions.


Before doing so, just as we did a year ago, we have to specify that during processing it was not possible for us to evaluate the effects of the beta on the online sector, since the game servers are still closed. In the same way the


patch already announced by Konami for the day one is still missing, within which all transfers and some improvements to the unspecified game should arrive. You can still count on the fact that we will talk about both topics, in recent years become a nerve in the Pro Evolution Soccer series.



Archived the big problems of two years ago, Pro Evolution Soccer 2017 has been an excellent starting point for the 2018 edition. Not a small aspect, especially if we see it as an opportunity to ensure continuity of growth to the simulation gameplay , taking advantage of it to file some defects that willy-nilly this series has been carrying around for some time. We trust that Konami does not make more messs like that of Pro Evolution Soccer 2016, passing what at present Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 has to offer.


Remaining in the theme of the dynamics of the game, this year stands the Real Touch +, an evolution of the technology already presented a year ago to improve the management of the ball by the players.The “plus” introduced by


Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 is represented by a further step forward in the control phase, thanks to which we can see our players tame the ball with different parts of the body, even in a dirty way as happens in reality. At the same time, once in possession the players show to have a greater awareness of the opponents, putting themselves in some cases automatically to cover the ball to prevent losing it.


This allows those who have the controller in hand to study new ways to perform dribbling, even in this case the flagship of the game: being able to jump an opponent is not so much a question of how many keys are good to press to make fakes and counters, but the result of a wise use of changes of direction and acceleration,

Back in the field with Pro Evolution Soccer 2018

The same kind of satisfaction that you have in preparing a choral action to pierce the opposing defense, always able to position yourself to prevent us from going to the net by dribbling everyone like Maradona. Scoring a goal after putting together a network of passes, a change of game or even a simple one-two at the right time gives a unique satisfaction, thanks to which Pro Evolution Soccer 2018 really manages to allow you to enjoy football in its true essence .


To this contributes an excellent artificial intelligence, already the flagship of last year’s edition. The developers also listened to the players’ prayers on set-pieces, removing the direction lines that simply could not be seen. The batting mode is now similar to that of FIFA, leaving therefore that they are training and the player’s ability to “see” where the ball will go to decide the outcome of a direct punishment on the net or a dangerous corner kick.