Everybody’s Golf, a poker, a ball

The aesthetics of the game are all strongly oriented towards manga and souls, from characters to animations, passing through the classic “scenes” of embarrassment and joy that we have seen in years and years of cartoons and albi. All this is not a problem, if it is not that the editor (which is also quite layered and full of options) makes the eyes and the mouth of the characters literally sticking to the face of our avatar.

So for the sake of things, there is a lack of expressiveness and the minimum characterization that should make our alter ego pleasant and affable, although we are always talking about a golfer,Personally, despite the criticism, looking at the past of the series, I prefer this version with more slim and realistic characters, instead of the super-deformed character design typical of the series. 

But looking at network responses in this regard, I think I’m in the absolute majority, so I say it subtle and pretending not to read these two sentences.

With regard to the atoll, however, we immediately become aware that the Golf Island is the paradise for all 18-hole enthusiasts. And that’s why, as well as being able to chat with various PNGs and possibly, to drive their advice or copy their models (for lazy and not creative) so that they can import them into the character editor, you can play a series of activities that go beyond golf.

There are races on golf carts, the inexhaustible exquisite fishing sessions, you can swim in the ponds or wander around in search of bonuses and various collectibles, and more. These are experiences that serve to lengthen the soup and, unlike expectations, do not distract too much attention from the center of the game, or golf.

Golf that you can practice as saying offline and online. In the first case there are a number of tournaments to participate in, with more or less realistic and weather-related variables. You can play at various times of the day, with wind more or less strong. It may happen that you also have to play with the tornado holes, for example, which draw the ball when it gets close by, with the possibility to put more birdie and eagle than usual.

These tournaments provide experience points that, in addition to enhancing character abilities, allow access to challenges with the bosses, or the great Golf Island champions ready to be challenged.

These games in particular have more and more variable rules, representing almost a boss fight within a sports title. At the end of each class, which includes three bosses to defeat, you get a new skill and an object or other collectible. For example, in the early stages of the game you can get a means by which to move inside, but its use will be much more useful in online modes, as we will see.

In general, this is a pretty cyclical experience and not very varied, boss excluded, but hard to ask for more at a sporting title, because even if you do not, it will keep you busy for a long time. The world is a hole Everybody’s Golf’snew social and multiplayer dimension

Everybody's Golf, a poker, a ball, a review

Even without playing golf you can swim with other players, go fishing, and tackle a variety of mini games that will always reward you with some collectibles, or coins that will help you unlock new clothes and other items. 

“Open Field” mode is the most relaxing mode of Everybody’s Golf. In this case, you can wander around in the miniature open world where you can go to one of the activities above, or test yourself in one of the nine holes available. In this way, the result will be recorded and, if someone bets your score, the game will fail to send you a notification to try to override the result.