Androids, gladiators, authorial genius and a lot of smoke

A game, as often happens when it comes to the master Taro, who hits you like a fist well settled in the pit of the stomach. Three games, one different from the other but all inextricably linked to each other, which create a narrative choreography that is difficult to remember elsewhere in the recent panorama.It is without a doubt, although we are still in May a crazy year, one of the games of the year and this will not change despite a crazy DLC.


NieR is a journey that you should all experience, with its incredible stories, the difficult choices before you, its philosophy, a soundtrack among the most beautiful ever and, given that this is a videogame, seasoned by a gameplay that never had a game of Taro, thanks to the expert hands of Platinum Games.


For someone NieR: Automata will be the one that has never been Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. For a few weeks we had been assured that no extra content would arrive … and instead Square Enix thought well to launch a first DLC. Let’s find out from the clear and simple assumption that 3C3C1D119440927 is not objectively worth the price of the ticket.

NieR’s DLC: Automata is a strange journey through few contents and yet another great message


Without making the now very obvious jokes on the name of the additional content, let’s start immediately to make it clear that it is not a real expansion. Inside you will find a series of contents almost certainly cut from the final release, with some small juicy addition to allow you to go out on the market.


The focus of 3C3C1D119440927 revolves around three arenas scattered in the vast (not too much) open world of NieR: Automata. Remember the famous door in the desert before which one of the biomacchine destroyed itself after having forbidden it to enter? Welcome to the first of the three arenas.


Each of these unravels in the slums, highlighting a real sub-world in which the androids of the resistance and the biomacchines themselves manage a series of structures that are incredibly reminiscent of the Colosseum or, more cinematically speaking, of the “fight club”.

Androids gladiators, authorial genius and a lot of smoke
Androids gladiators, authorial genius and a lot of smoke

What you will be called upon to do is to face these trials (about six for each of the arenas) and claim your loot. It ranges from classic clashes to special requests such as not using the dodging, up to follies like that of never touching land. There will also be new bosses, including the now announced CEO of Square Enix and Platinum Games, which will bring about a fight as short as crazy.


At the end of each one you will be rewarded with materials, chips and cosmetic items (the long-awaited clothes for 2B and A2 that are actually at the limit of the legal).So far everything in the norm, at least until you realize that Taro, despite the drive to create something to make additional cash, wanted to pay homage to all with a series of narrative goodies that will cause the usual thrill in the hearts of fans.


Trust us if we tell you that the real ending of this DLC will strike you deeply as it has already managed to make the original, but we will not say anything because it would mean ruining a great moment. Returning to the concreteness of the gameplay, this content is affected by the same problem of balancing the basic game.


The tests all have a preset difficulty and this will lead you to live them in an extremely simple or as a real nightmare depending on the situation of your characters.If then, like us, you have made “the choice” on the final, well, know that nobody will come to your aid. You will be called upon to prepare brand-new fighters ready to slaughter, increasing exponentially the time of completion of the DLC, which goes from a minimum of a couple of hours until it increases dramatically due to sometimes extreme farming needs. All this and a bit more is NieR’s DLC: Automata.


Take it exactly for what it turns out to be: a content built in a very short time with what had been eliminated from the basic title. The good news is that Taro and his team wanted to add an extra touch that, if objectively does not improve the perception of a crazy price, can subjectively be worth the ticket, given the emotional whirlwind that it can cause.If you are part of this group, turn that “no” into a “yes” without problems.