Allies, reconnaissance and combat system – new details of Ghost of Tsushima from the May issue of Official PlayStation Magazine

In the latest issue of the monthly publication Official PlayStation Magazine article about Ghost of tushusha. In addition to confirming the release date (this will be, fingers crossed, June 26), journalists also shared some details of the upcoming game. Most of the information has long been known (for example, it was confirmed that Ghost of Tsushima will not force the player to follow the previously planned path), but the other turned out to be new.

You can learn more about the mechanics of “no waypoints” and other details of the next PlayStation 4 exclusive in this article.

The text contains minor spoilers, so if you do not want to spoil your impression of the game in advance, avoid reading it.

Coming of Khan and his Mongol Horde

Developed by the forces of Sucker Punch, known for its navigationally clear open worlds, Ghost of Tsushima provides players with a whole island to explore on which they must repel the brutal invasion of the Mongols.

The game is based on real historical events, but if you do not like history, do not despair: the plot of the game is far from a dry statement of facts. Sucker Punch tried to bring the drama of an epic samurai movie to the game. The team was inspired by the work Akira Kurosawa, and the composer of the game Shigeru Umebayashi well known to fans for “House of Flying Daggers“And”The curse of the golden flower“Zhang Yimou, as well as”Fearless»Ronnie U. He is a master at writing soundtracks for Asian cinema, so you don’t have to worry about the music in the game.

Players will take control of Jin Sakai, trained to fight with honor by his uncle Shimura, Lord Tsushima. Vera Dzina is subjected to a serious test when he enters into a battle with the conquerors on the beach of the island, trying to repel the invasion of the fleet of the Mongol Empire. After the first attack, the forces of Tsushima were defeated, and Jin became one of the last surviving samurai in the blink of an eye (it is also known that Shimura survived the first wave).

Miraculously escaping death, the hero understands that to return to an unequal battle, he will need not only the skills of a samurai. He must master the ninja skill “Path of the ghost”, which will allow him to defeat a skilled enemy, significantly superior to his skill and number.

Putting on the ghost mantle, Jin automatically turns into the defender of the oppressed and the most wanted figure on the island. The Mongols, led by Khotun Khan, a fictional analogue of Khan Khubilai (who led the Mongols during the present invasion and became the first ruler of the Yuan empire, which included China) are eager to destroy him, since Jin is the last hope of the people of Tsushima, and if Khan and him forces can destroy it, the population of the island will completely and completely fall into despair.

Island exploration

The developers have once again confirmed that they are creating the Ghost of Tsushima with an eye to realism. Players will explore the developed environment of the island without the help of waypoints, choosing independently where to go further, using for this terrain and their own knowledge of the world.

Sucker Punch is not new to creating open worlds, but the rather minimalistic nature of the environment is a kind of step aside for the developer. While the player is doing research in real time, the game flows in Ghost of Tsushima. The game will tell you how much time has passed since the start of the invasion.

Exploring locations will be free and easy, but as soon as players meet a group of enemies, they will become much more focused. Fights in Ghost of Tsushima are quick and decisive. Moreover, it does not depend on whether the player decides to fight face to face, like a real samurai, or chooses a more cunning way of a ghost.

Rapid blows of Iaijutsu with an instant draw of a sword from its scabbard will shed a lot of enemy blood. In addition, the hero is free to use the hook to quietly get through the enemy camp, go down and attack people, or get close to them (Jin is even able to strike them through closed paper doors). The character will have several gadgets at his disposal: Velcro bombs and fire arrows, which will help to create a mess and sow panic among the enemies.

Reputation and Narration

How the story unfolds depends on the decisions made by the player. During the confrontation, the Mongols Jin enters into a friendly alliance with several characters. The better the player copes with the situation, the stronger his allies become. Among them, it is worth noting the above-mentioned Shimuru, who is not too impressed with your “ghostly” approach, and Makoto, an experienced archer and master of the sword. The girl can become one of the strongest allies, helping Jin spread the legend of a vengeful ghost. However, if she does not agree with his actions, the heroes may eventually cross their swords.

The plot looks intense and very exciting. In addition, the use of many fantastic technological solutions in cutscenes has been seen. Journalists were especially impressed by the spatter of blood – Ghost of Tsushima will be a “dirty game.”

Since Jin is torn between a noble samurai, whom his uncle raised from him, and an independence fighter, whom the “Path of the ghost” opened in him, the experience gained will not be distributed in more than one skill tree. During the game, a real conflict flares up in the heart of Jin, when he begins the struggle for people, trying to do everything right and become their protector.

Samurai but not ordinary

The concept of playing for a samurai is hardly new to video games. Only a few projects have shown what it means to be a noble warrior. Allow players to follow the plan and think through each attack … Ghost Of Tsushima allows players to feel like a samurai, not only as part of battles with opponents.

Exploring the island and making the right decisions are as much an integral part of a samurai as is fighting an enemy.

Other points:

  • The Mongols did not just set up camps, they captured several castles.
  • Sucker Punch describes the game as “dirt, blood, and steel.” All three components were presented in commercials.
  • Good-old blow from behind – this is only one of the many tricks of Jin, thanks to which the hero can cut a camp full of invaders, alone.
  • The beauty of the greenery (unfortunately sometimes burning) makes the Ghost Of Tsushima enjoyable to explore. Players will really like what they see.

Ghost Of Tsushima will be released exclusively on PS4 on June 26, 2023.

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