“We don’t have the budget for this”: Double Fine on Localizing Psychonauts 2 into More Languages

Studio Double Fine Productions stated that she has no budget to add to Psychonauts 2 support for more languages

The community manager told about this at the Double Fine forum on August 19 James Spafford, but the message only got public attention when the game was out.

The comment was made in response to a user request to add Simplified and Traditional Chinese translations to Psychonauts 2. Now this topic is the most popular on the Double Fine forum with over 800 votes.

“We would like to add more languages ​​to Psychonauts 2 and are currently exploring if it will be possible in the future. Scripting this is our biggest game we have ever made, and adding even one language will take a lot of work and a lot additional budget, which we do not currently have, and adding languages ​​that use completely different alphabets and have different logic is even more difficult work. Perhaps we will have such an opportunity. We really hope so, but we cannot promise anything and we definitely won’t be able to do it for release. “

Psychonauts 2 received translations in English, Spanish, Italian, German, Portuguese and French, while many players hoped that after moving under the wing of Microsoft, the studio would have the opportunity to, among other things, add more languages ​​to the game.

In particular, Russian-speaking users remained dissatisfied, since games from internal Micorosft studios always come out with at least subtitles. Because of this, Psychonauts 2 was reviewed by Metacritic

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