Not a temporary exclusive: Microsoft and Bethesda have denied rumors about the possible release of Starfield on the PlayStation 5

PR managers Bethesda and Xbox reiterated that Starfield is a full-fledged console exclusive Xbox, so wait for the game to appear on Playstation not worth it

The comments came in response to speculation over misinterpretation of some words. Pete Hinessaid during Bethesda’s 2022 Gamescom broadcast.

During the live broadcast, Hynes stated that the acquisition Bethesda corporation Microsoft does not mean that there will never be other games from the publisher on PlayStation systems in the future.

“We’re not saying ‘Sorry, you’ll never play anything from Bethesda again,’ but of course there will be things that you can’t play on PlayStation.

Starfield was announced as an Xbox exclusive. I don’t know if I would go too far if I said you would never play it on the PlayStation. But, again, I don’t have an answer to that right now. “

Some users perceived these words as a hint that Starfiled could potentially get a release for Playstation 5, however, Microsoft was quick to refute all speculation. To one of these comments on Twitter, the head of Xbox Marketing Aaron Greenberg stated, what the project starts November 11, 2022 exclusively on Xbox Series X | S and PCas previously announced, clarifying for clarity that this is not a temporary exclusive.

“We tried to be very clear: this is not about temporary exclusivity, this is just the date on which the game will appear.”

Later in the comments showed up Hynes himself, stating that he did not mean anything about the release of Starfiled on the PS5.

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