After Avengers Finale, the lead character turned out to be a villain

The network has new information about the heroes of the cinema Marvel in the Fourth Phase, which begins with the movie Black Widow. According to these data, after the events of the movie “Avengers: Final”, the leading superhero decided to make a villain.

In the movie Avengers Final, the creators said goodbye to many Avengers, including Natasha Romanova, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers. According to, information appeared on the network that one of the remaining superheroes could soon go to the dark side and become one of the most dangerous villains in the MCU movie universe. According to reports, this hero will be Wanda Maximoff, known as the Scarlet Witch. The network revealed that the Scarlet Witch would fall prey to the sinister essence of Nightmare, which would appear in the movie Doctor Strange 2: In Multiverse Madness. The Wanda Maximoff line in the film “Doctor Strange 2” will be a direct continuation of the events of the series “WandaVision”, in which the events known as “House of M” will begin. A feature of this plot is that the Scarlet Witch, having lost control of herself, decides to completely rewrite all reality, making the mutants a dominant view on Earth.

In The Avengers 4 Final, Scarlet Witch proved that she is much stronger than the Thanos titan, almost destroying the titan alone. The Scarlet Witch received her powers from the Stone of Reality, and Wanda Maximoff herself is one of the first mutants represented in the Marvel cinematic universe. After Disney acquired Fox, the creators of the MCU were given the opportunity to introduce mutants into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and this could happen already in Phase Four. In addition, according to some reports, the upcoming film “New Mutants”, which will premiere this year, will also be included in the Marvel cinematic universe.

In the series VandaVision, the authors will show how the growing powers of the Scarlet Witch are becoming more frightening, in addition, viewers will be shown what happened to Vision after Thanos killed him in Avengers: War of Infinity. Probably, the events in VandaVision will take place in the alternative reality that Wanda creates. In “Doctor Strange 2: In Multiverse Madness,” Nightmare affects Wanda’s mind and reveals the truth to her, pushing her even more violent madness, which can lead to serious consequences for the whole Earth.

The film “Doctor Strange 2: In Multiverse Madness” is scheduled for May 2023, according to Recently it became known that the director of the project Scott Derrickson (Scott Derrickson) left the post of director for creative differences, and it is not yet clear who will become the new director of the picture.