The murdered Natasha from Avengers Final turned out to be alive on Wormir

Natasha Romanova (Black Widow), who was killed in Avengers Finale, was actually resurrected in the movie Avengers: Final, but none of the audience or superheroes found out about it. As it turned out, the murdered Natasha could be resurrected by Professor Hulk, who tried to do this in the film itself.

As it became known to, a new version is gaining popularity on the network that the murdered Natasha Romanova from the movie “Avengers 4 Final” may actually be alive after the events of this picture. Fans noted that none of the audience and superheroes still fully understands the principles by which the Infinity Stones act, in particular, the Soul Stone, which requires a sacrifice for its possession. At the same time, the strength of all the Infinity Stones collected by a single owner should be much greater than each Stone individually. Therefore, viewers believe that Professor Hulk, who clicks in the movie “Avengers Finale” to return all those erased by Thanos, could also resurrect the murdered Natasha, but not learn about it, like everyone else.

Fans noted that in The Avengers Finale, Professor Hulk later tells the other Avengers that during his click, he very much requested the space artifacts to resurrect the murdered Black Widow. At the same time, apparently, the Hulk and other heroes believed that the returning Natasha Romanova should appear right in front of them, although the body of the Black Widow remained on Wormir. Thus, even if the Infinity Stones fulfilled the requirement of the Hulk and resurrected the murdered Natasha, the heroine had to come to her senses on Wormir, not having any means to give an alarm and get out of the planet. In this case, Romanova could be stuck for a long time on Wormyr, where other ships rarely fly.

Since many moments in the movie universe Marvel It’s far from being explained right away, and viewers can learn about something important only after years, as it was with the first appearance of the Skrulls on Earth in Captain Marvel, then in the future the authors of Avengers: Final can come up with many different ways that they can to resurrect and return Natasha for other films. Even if this did not happen due to the click of Bruce Benner in the “Avengers Final”.

However, the murdered Natasha will be back next year, when the film “Black Widow” is released, reports. Although the events of the Black Widow film take place before the events Avengers: Final, the creators have already promised that viewers will be able to take a fresh look at what happened in Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers Finale.