In fact Aerea – a classic “yaponoobraznaya» RPG, where boys and girls with long cholkami save the world. They are fighting, quests and look for the important artifacts that would help to maintain energy balance – without this floating island, where live our heroes, will fall down.

All signs of the genre on the spot. There is a base where we buy potions, communicate, get jobs and where will fly on airplanes directly to the scene of regular feats. There is a simple little role-playing system – main parameters are increased automatically with the level, but at home we invest points in the improvement of the additional features (more health, damage, protection or crit), as well as the study and “pump” the ability to be used in combat. The combat system is, however, not turn-based, as usual, designed for “zaklikivanie” and use skills in real-time.

Their music has connected

However, this is not just a role-playing game – a kind of music it is. And this theme in AereA impregnated everything. Our heroes – it’s not a mage, a warrior, an archer, a lute, a cellist, harpist and trumpet player who fight the same, on what and plays. Cellist, for example, cuts bow, emitting a characteristic sibilation, and uses native tools as a shield.

Base – it’s actually a music school, the students and the way we are. And as a mentor, and the mentor acts as its director, who gives out instructions and tasks without interrupting the continuous conducting the concert hall – the only way he supported the disturbance of acid-alkaline balance among the flying islands. In the story, the director once revealed the secret that everyone in the world controls the power of music and all her subordinate. I opened and wanted to use this magic for good purposes, and his friend – in a bad. In this and the whole affair is built.

AereA game review

From defeated enemies and broken barrels fly notes.

“Bosses” all too entirely themed – there is here, for example, a cicada with bagpipes body. Defeating them, we return to the school the original instruments, loss of which, in fact, was the cause of all ills, disturb the peace of this world.

Concert without an audience

However, to come up with an interesting idea is not enough – you need more to make this a really good game. But with this in AereA have problems. Primitive assignment: go there and kill so many enemies, activate the beacon, destroy the “boss.” And along the way to avoid traps, twenty times click on the arms and endure the boxes on the platform to open twenty new doors.

And it would be okay if these hikes have stimulated us to test complex and powerful enemies, causing to win and open. But AereA such a thing as balance, is virtually nonexistent. The power of music in the world is so powerful that the monsters we hardly resist. Apparently, they thought that they would give a concert, but instead – a bow in the face!

The co-op for four people even though there is some resistance (and the minor), but if you play a hero, even a large-caliber “bosses” prostrate with only a few notes, in the sense of shock. Although it would seem, everything should be the other way around – usually alone to fight harder. The only thing here is really possible to suffer – it is a trap, but they can often be easy to get around.

AereA game review

The only thing in the game is really good – it is a picture, and theme music.



One gets the impression that AereA doing the same music school students who are very fond of music, lute, cello and harp, and thus decided to express their feelings. But they do not know how all of this conduct to create a melody really exciting RPG.

Pros: an unusual reinterpretation of the rules and standards RPG; nice graphics; pleasant orchestral music.