Yesterday Origins

The idea seems fabulous to me and its execution is equally good, since both temporal lines cross each other in a constant way, offering a broader vision of the deep internal conflict that torments the protagonist of the videogame. He knows that


in the past he committed a thousand and one atrocities, but he does not remember it, and that is a great incentive that will make us devour with avid passion the story that is told to us. A story of quality, well written and with some other good storyline that nevert


heless leaves me with conflicting feelings. I have really enjoyed the trip that he proposes; Each step I took reminded me why I’m in love with the work of Pendulo Studios , the authors of great classics like Hollywood Monsters or Runaway , but I have also felt that the story does not finish taking off. Although it is interesting and has a hook, it lacks that spark that makes you fall at your feet.



Tortured by his memories

I need a villain at the level we knew in the original video game or, in other words, although the enemy we face in this new

adventure could not be better chosen, his plot background is brutal !, the role he plays in the work is somewhat poor. He has everything to be a memorable rival, of those who leave their mark, but neither he nor his followers end up convincin
g. It has its moments of glory, of course, because it even breaks the soul when it tells why it is where it is; but all that potential is somewhat wasted within a story that, yes, knows how to keep the interest of the player always high. It is one of his great virtues.


Yesterday Origins analysis

The tone of the story is obscure, for there is talk of satanic sects for something, but Pendulo Studios’ own humor is still present.

Start in the Spain of the fifteenth century with a very young John Yesterday facing the Holy Inquisition and from there … a no stop! The pace of the action does not decline at any time. There is mystery, suspense, great enigmas to solve and lots of interesting c


haracters to relate to. It almost seems that we are facing a new story by Dan Brown and his well-known The Da Vinci Code by the way in which reality is interwoven with fiction, using as a backdrop the origin of the satanic Order of the Flesh and its fearsome legacy.


Yesterday Origins PC

The script has those little details that denote the experience of Pendulo Studios

The result is more than good but also at this point, I feel that the story does not fully exploit its full potential. I explain. Everything related to the protagonist’s past is great; I love the setting, the dark tone of the story and that great moral dilemm

a that is drawn in the head of John Yesterday, that we do not forget, is a founding member of a cult that worships the devil. However, little new information is added to what we already knew. They show us how and why he crosses his path with the evil Ginés de Orduña, but at the end of that trip to the underworld, you are still wanting more; you ne
ed to know more about the Treaty of the Flesh, the mysteries it hides and how the sect could evade the Inquisition for so many years. It is not a bad
thing by itself because this desire for knowledge comes from the enormous interest generated by the universe created by Pendulo Studios, but I do see it as a lost opportunity to create a deeper and captivating story.


Yesterday Origins

Surprise the variety of locations and in general, the artistic design of all of them. Each scenario looks fantastic, so you’ll want to explore all its corners.

Despite this, in the story, this is an outstanding videogame for the issues raised and, especially, how he treats them! Already in his day, when he analyzed New York Crimes, I highlighted the narrative maturity that Spanish study had achieved, and


this sequel does nothing but delve into that idea. The relationship between John and Pauline Petit , which we control at specific moments of the adventure, feels human, credible; and when it comes to immortality and its consequences, Yesterday Origins embroiders it. Every time I think of one of the dilemmas he poses, I still feel chills.


Yesterday Origins PC

Yesterday Origins

At specific moments of the game we will control Pauline Petit, watching over the safety of John Yesterday. What an uncle! He is always in trouble.

This says a lot in favor of a game that also fits the design of your puzzles . They are ingenious, also quite traditional, and they are all perfectly integrated into the action. You do not feel that you are forced to do crazy things just because, because it is


what you play in a graphic adventure, but rather, you solve them naturally, intuitively. It may be that at certain moments of the game you see yourself as crazy combining the objects of inventory, but more than a matter of logic, this is because it is not alw


ays easy to detect the clues. It has to do with one of the novelties of the game, which now allows to observe in detail, as 3D objects, some el


ements of the stage and even the characters themselves. This confers a new layer of depth to the exploration of the scenarios, and is something that I appreciate, because as it happened with the original, the locations are usually not very large.