For the trailer No More Heroes 3 used stolen special effects – review

During the award ceremony The Game Awards 2019 Studio Grasshopper manufacturer introduced the trailer for her future game No More Heroes 3. And this video attracted the attention of three Dutch animators working under a common brand Studio pluemau.

Original tweet already deleted, but in it the artists showed a comparison of their own created effect with fragments of the No More Heroes 3 trailer.
A day later, the situation cleared up. Studio representatives explainedthat a selection of effects was purchased by them on the platform Envato. Obviously, the animators came across a dishonest seller, who formed his package of stolen assets of various creators.
At first suspicion has fallen on web designer Denis Kozyon, who was selling a package a few years ago 2D Effects Pack for Adobe After Effects. The stolen special effect can be seen in video clippromoting the set, along with assets from other independent animators. However, as it turned out, he was banned in the store long before that.
Trailer No More Heroes 3 not removed from official site games. Most likely, Grasshopper Manufacturer chose to negotiate with the true creators of the controversial effect.