Xenoblade Chronicles X

War and Peace

in the middle of this century, Earth will be destroyed due to the fact that its orbit will unleash two powerful alien races war. Mankind at that time will be able to build a lot of space arks, immerse them every creature on the pair, and to evacuate thousands of people in search of a new home.

Most of the aliens saving fleet destroyed, but the ship “White Whale” will be able to get to the habitable planet world. Of course, some problems.

Compartment Lifehold, where most of the passengers were at hard landing is lost, much of lying in suspended animation people will be scattered in the jungle and mountains, new home of mankind.

While the other compartment “China” modulating earthly city remains intact, becomes an outpost of our race and will send an expedition in search of mates among the many monsters that inhabit the World. And one of them a couple of months after landing, finds our hero running adventure.

Who will go to this trip – it’s us. Options for creating an avatar here is not so much as in Fallout 4 , but do brutal guy with green skin and haircut in the style of Cloud Strife is quite possible. As voiced by the actor have Adam Howden (Adam Howden), the voice of the first Shulku Xenoblade , be sure to please fans.

The tone of history, so close to science fiction series like “Babylon 5” or “Star Trek,” should come to mind is already fans of Xenosaga and Xenogears . The plot Chronicles X involves a variety of races, there is both really unexpected twists and predictable moves. It creates enough topics for discussion.

But one of the main objectives of Japanese history does not comply with role-playing games. It’s about the characters. During scenes the actors look like dolls, their characters are outlined very schematically, their dialogues are not lifelike. Remembered except that comic heroes like Tatsu, the local representative of the traditional universe Xenobladenopon race, but the humor here monotonous. Plus the noticeable part of interesting things revealed in the side missions. But the main line – just a thin dotted line in this saga.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Game Review

View distance is decent, but sometimes monster “coming down”.

One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s hundred-meter

According to the scale of Xenoblade Chronicles Xready to fight with anyone – so huge peace here. Even Praymordiya first location, accessible to the research, together with our city pull on a full card for the modest 30-hour adventure.

But this is only two of the six unique zones and only half of the first of the two continents of the Worlds. In addition to the plains and mountains Praymordii heroes see the jungle with numerous giant plants and waterfalls, rocky plateaus with scattered all over the ancient buildings and artefacts, desert, covered with dense fog and strange volcanic region.

Geography first strikes – you can run around the clock, opening new zakoulochki and meeting aggressive animals. Fight with everyone will not work – strong animals, killing hero with a single blow, live side by side with the weak bugs or wild boars.

Landscapes are constantly forced to take screenshots, especially during sunset, rain, or on the background of sky studded with stars. I note that the weather effects affect the possibility of heroes in battle.

Design of animals and the quality of their performance – a step above that look like people and their neighborhoods.

The fauna is diverse – there is here like a fox Fenech animals with a gigantic ears, huge herbivorous dinosaurs, whose legs several times larger than our hero, insects, disguised as flowers, and leaping through the air beings to determine genus and species which are very difficult.

Open World creates a “wow” -effect, which did not immediately understand, what is among all the beauty you can do.

Here Chronicles X It offers not so much. First of all, we examine broken into hexagons map, establishing in certain points of the probes. They extract two currencies at once: loans and Mirani, minerals used for industrial development and as a fuel.

The probes of the same type should be connected in a chain, to increase production. And later, they will help you in battle. In those hexagons, where there are no probes, on the map, you can perform the mission. And connected with them one of the saddest parts of the epic.

Xenoblade Chronicles X Game Review

Melody Tatsu long be remembered, but some rap songs can be annoying.