Night in The Woods

Over the years, Possum Springs considerably changed – parents aged Mei, although her father and has not lost a corona sense of humor; not left for colleges friend found a job, and the city began to irreversibly stunted. Residents leave it because of the lack of jobs and the lack of any prospects for the future.

Like a snowball city moves into the arms of the bottomless pit, and if in the near future, the world has not turned upside down, from Possum Springs has all chances to add to the list a ghost town.

Review of the Night in The Woods.  Game Review - Image 2
Review of the Night in The Woods.  Game Review - Image 3

Night in The Woods is a mix of two-dimensional adventure and interactive graphic novel, from the first frame produces a false impression.

Because of the pictures may seem a child’s play about the adventures of a cute cat. In fact, it is a hell of an adult and a believable story about the hardships of growing up and self-identification; transient beauty of youth, sooner or later, leaving the life of each; death and its attendant violence periodically; and other important things, which at some point faced every adult.

At the same time it is based on an extremely simple platformer, devoid of any frills.

Most of the day May carelessly strolling through familiar from childhood streets, chatting with old friends and trying to somehow break into the seemingly left behind the world.

And at night struggling with nightmares. And so every day – familiar faces, familiar streets and disturbing images. And against the background of all this is poured gorgeous soundtrack.

But this monotony is broken periodically. At Night in the Woods laid unimaginable number of interesting stories and events.

That Mae go with friends to a party in the woods, where overdo it with beer and sunset scene ex-boyfriend; then climb up onto the roof to look at the stars in the company of a school teacher; it takes at the rehearsal rock band in which it is played bass until college;

It announces the great Beat the hunt for ghosts; or go with the best friend povorovat in the half-empty mall. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay variety weekdays Mae did not allow bored.

The leisurely pace of the game is diluted not only interesting events, but also directly interactive episodes. The same rehearsal, for example – a simplified version of Guitar Hero. And one night, you can poke a stick in someone’s severed hand. Vmazat or a baseball bat on the boiler harmful old woman.

Perhaps these episodes and duration are not distinguished, but they are picturesque and instantly deposited in the memory.

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When Mei relieves your notebook from prying pornobannerov, she has a chance to play a video game with a stunning title Demontower: Part IV – Slaughter of the Blood Thief. Running it, I have absolutely nothing on counting,

I thought that I was waiting for a five-minute uncomplicated fun. As a result, stunned and inspired, I fell headlong in the hour and a half journey through the gloomy corners of the tower.

It turned out that Demontower – it’s a real “bagel” with a nice pixel graphics, soundtrack independent, randomly generated levels and simplified mechanics of the Hyper Light Drifter .

The main character, called “pale kisoy” teleport over short distances and light strokes of the sword cracking down on opponents. Here, even the bosses have nine full.