Half-Life 3 by Fans – Fresh Gameplay for Valve-Based Shooter Boreal Alyph

Team of enthusiasts Keep away from fire published on her channel a fresh gameplay video of a fan shooter Boreal alyphbased on the synopsis of the failed Half-Life 2: Episode Three / Half-life 3… It was written by former Valve screenwriter Mark Laidlaw and released to the public in 2017.

In a 7-minute video, KAFF Software demonstrated the gameplay at one of the locations, which the authors themselves call the “Shipyard”… The project is still in its early stages of development, so most of the content is either incomplete or is a common temporary placeholder, as the creators warn about. The game engine is Source

Mark Laidlaw’s story begins immediately after the finale Half Life 2: Episode Twowhen Gordon and Alix travel to Antarctica in search of the Boreus, the exploration vessel mentioned at the end of the episode. On the way, the heroes are shot down, after which it is discovered that the ship is surrounded by a huge base of the “Alliance”, inside which the “Boreas” constantly materializes, then disappears from reality.

In addition to Boreal Alyph, another fan project based on the Half Life 2: Episode Three draft has been in development for several years now – Project borealis

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