Company WayForward series Shantae – something like a beloved child. The first part, despite the difficulties in the development and trouble finding a publisher, entered the Game Boy Color in 2002, and at the same time to squeeze out of the portable system, all that is possible.

She could boast of an impressive 8-bit graphics and animation, eccentric, but cute characters, ingenious abilities of the protagonist, and cleverly hidden secrets.

Frustrated unless things like too tenacious and pesky enemies and long outdated system of life (especially the instantaneous loss of a fall into the abyss). Sales of the original, for obvious reasons, were not impressive, but the status of cult classics he deserved.

Risky’s Revenge, a much more beautiful and comfortable, but much too short sequel, initially also left on not the most successful platform – DSi, but fortunately, since that time it has been ported to the 3DS, Wii U, PS4, and even the PC. On the same platforms left and the third part, The Pirate’s Curse, looks very similar to the predecessor, but actually surpasses it in everything.

What is curious, Kickstarter-campaign for the production of Half-Genie Hero, which we will soon tell you more, started a year before the release of The Pirate’s Curse, and successful, the amount collected,

So, we have a glib platformer- “metroidvaniya”, the main character of which, pin half-genie Shante, in addition to traditional jumps and attacks the hair in the manner of a whip, capable in the magic dance take many forms. Its eternal enemy – the self-proclaimed Queen of the Seven Seas, a pirate captain’s Boots risks.

If you’re familiar with the previous parts, the story does not conceal any revelations, but almost all the familiar and favorite characters on the spot.

Uncle Mimic again started building some unimaginable unit, mayor of the town, where Shant works guardian genie, ready to dismiss her own same mistakes, so that after five minutes again to pray for her help.

Bolo unlucky, as always, useless zombies Rottitops in exchange for coffee and brains ready to help even the main villain, and a lover of birds Sky by growing your parrot to enormous sizes, offer to fly to any of the outdoor locations.

Disappointing only that Half-Genie Hero not really trying to continue the storyline predecessors, its events, with some reservations, could occur at any time at all, and some interesting questions that arose after the Pirate’s Curse and remain unanswered.

Most of the new forms of Shante generally receives without performing any tests, and at the end of each mileage level, suddenly finding themselves in the measurement of the jinn with Jelly walls, on which except the inscription “tutorial” is not enough.

However, the relative simplicity and detachment script does not spoil the impression of traditional fun and well-written dialogue, which, however, still fall short of hilarious scenes from the same The Pirate’s Curse.

Looks Half-Genie Hero superb. Cartoon style perfectly perceived largely due to the amazingly smooth animation clearly drawn sprites. As is the case with DuckTales: Remastered, all this beauty little contrast with the rustic contours modeled in 3D locations, but the overall impression of this did not suffer.

Any, even the small movement of the characters, whether it’s the Queen mermaids, barely fit on the screen, or the tiny, barely visible mouse, perfectly animated and looks natural.

Speaking of the mouse. Various transformations, as always, play a crucial role in the journey through the levels and finding secrets.

Nimble and bouncy monkey, able to cling to the walls, is indispensable for rapid movements in the area, and the massive and clumsy elephant is able to crush any enemy authority and break through the cracked parts of the walls and floor. Similarly, over time, to be opened Shante sea depths and celestial spaces. Forms and the ability creative, although most of them we have already seen before, and some others are used little crime.