Have you ever wondered about life in space? What would it be? After all, there is no oxygen, no ground under his feet, nor those with whom one could talk.
However, sometimes we dream about this fascinating place, full of stars and hidden secrets.
People – creators in nature. And even such a seemingly unchanging thing as space, can adjust by itself. You just have to build a special database and send it skyward. Yes, dear, yes, it’s hard. But what then look!
A new game from Fullbright exactly that – an intimate space of life … that can be destroyed in an instant.


2088, intermediate lunar station “Tacoma”. We connect your spaceship and attach sensors to manipulate the augmented reality (AR). Following the instructions of the local artificial intelligence “ONE”, go to the main compartment of the abandoned complex. Objective: To find data access nodes and pass information on our spaceship, and then extract the AI ​​and deliver it to the “Venturis” corporation.
The main character is silent. Maybe for the better – thinking out loud here would be inappropriate.
In addition to the main compartment at the station, there are three: “Personnel”, “Biomedicine” and “Engineering.” To begin the study did not come out in any order – the story is strictly linear. We in turn shows all the key events that have been preserved in the memory of the system.
An important role is played here by augmented reality. With its help, we keep track of the movement of the former station crew, listen to conversations and interact with consoles characters. Episodes involving teams represented in the form of a short timeline, which can shake back and forth, or reset to the beginning. Restore the exact sequence of incidents as, for example, of The Vanishing of Ethan Carter of , it is not necessary.
Hear replica of “ghosts” at a time is not possible.
That data is sent faster, you need to carefully study the time periods and gather all the information. By the way, the digitized version of the crew members here look really futuristic. Apparently, AR event record keeps only the owners of silhouettes, just like the Everybody’s Gone to the Rapture, where we have just witnessed bygone events.
Dig into all this history is not necessary. If desired, the Tacoma can be completed in a couple of hours, but you are depriving themselves the most important thing in the game: the story about the people.

There were once people

Apparently, there is a coin at the station every second member of the crew.
In terms of the analysis of Tacoma environment far removed from the same Gone Home. Almost any object can twist in your hands, explore the near … But put in your pocket will not work. Inventory is not provided, that at least hints at mysteries. There are a couple of keys and access codes, but do not expect more.
Whatever it was, the game perfectly do without it. It is rather about the interactive installation where a monotonous search for items combined with an intriguing story that tells itself somewhere in the background.
Entertainment has not been canceled!
On the lunar station has a crew quarters, specially equipped rooms for work … But frankly, this is not enough. The previous game studio has a strong emphasis on the story of two people, but here the player’s attention sparingly divided between as many as six major characters.
Notes, personal effects – everything is in place, it remains only to fall in love with the characters. But it is impossible. We learn that this one botanist suffered greatly because of the separation from their families, and this eccentric woman well versed in artificial intelligence.
 That’s all. How to pull together some couple that happened between friends – is unclear. All timing is spent on disaster rather than “acquaintance” with the crew.
Yes, and trinkets with parts of the correspondence stored mostly half. Colorful dolls empathize with great difficulty.
A love relationship is not only heterosexual. Although this is now who will be surprised …
For example, in the SOMA it was much fun to notice the little things left on their own after the owners of the nightmarish incident. Interest, of course, came from the story in many ways. But the Tacoma worse?

In search of truth

And yet the very evil managed to convey, if not a hundred, at least 99%. It seems everything is as usual, another quiet day on the “Tacoma” station. But it was not there!..
The drama played out fairly.
Team alarmed, the staff do not find a place for himself and share his thoughts sorrowful, not only with each other but also with the one, filled the whole crew safety.
Tacoma nice reveals two themes: the ability of artificial intelligence and life in orbit, away from earthly goods. Now these questions, whatever you say, more relevant than ever. Especially that the action takes place in the not so distant future, and – a little less than half a century has passed. At the same time the technology did not significantly progressive. We are all familiar with the AR (at least through the Pokemon the Go ), and almost every day we see news about the next robot guard with unusual behavior.
“Tacoma Dome” – a local landmark.
But in fact, at the station just want to live in his pleasure. Forget for a while about the job, turn off the “ghosts” of the previous occupants (which, unfortunately, can not be done) and relax in the gravity flight.
The game is very effective, every corner, every compartment on the basis of space imbued with romance. Well, the atmosphere in the simulator distance plays a significant role. Praise!