World of Warcraft Legion

It is the great virtue of a video game on the other hand extremely conservative when it comes to the design of missions and dungeons.

It is a more of the same and obviously this is something that disappoints us. Despite the news, that there are and feel great, we expected more ambition, more originality when considering the action as they have done o


ther video games of the style. Do not misunderstand us We have enjoyed exploring the Broken Islands like never before, the set of lands on which the adventure takes place, but it has been more for plot reasons than for the action itself. Of course it is f


un to crush monsters, fight the hosts of Kil’Jaeden or discover treasures, but there comes a point where you ask for something more and in this sense, the parents of Diablo and Starcraft have fallen a bit short … talent.



By Azeroth!

There are many adventures to live in World of Warcraft: Legion and you will do it with an unusual passion, enjoying to the maximum this chaotic world at war thanks to the excellent narrative pulse with which Blizzard guides a story full of great mom

ents that will make you vibrate with emotion. the fans of the franchise. It’s hard to talk about it without going into detail, which would mean spoil
ing the experience, so we’ll just say the right thing. Also the important thing! This is an epic video game , spectacular in its staging and great pace of action. Once tests cost horrors take off the PC even for a few minutes. It has merit


World of Warcraft Legion analysis

Watch out! A guard in front! Almost like an infiltration game, in Suramar we will have to pass unnoticed while we carry out missions. Is not easy!

You always want more because each new adventure in which you embark feels unique, special, and because basically the story that counts is exciting. Here the plot background is everything and the good news, an excellent one, is that the story is followed wi


th great interest. Almost that you devour the information in search of clues that clarify the fateful future that looms over Azeroth. And that is something that we love. As we also adore the cinematic style that has been given to many of his missions. Sometim


es it is enough to listen to expletives to the bad guy in turn to get fully into the action, and then there are the cinematics, which simply and plainly play in another league.


They appear at the precise moment, they are spectacular in their execution and, better still, they stick a good pinch to the heart. In particular ther



e is a couple with whom it is difficult not to get excited about the transcendence of the events they relate and how they do it. Above all, how they do it. What scenes, what music, what dialogues! And these are precisely the great moments that make the new expansion of WOW such a remarkable video game. It’s worthwhile that the


missions are repetitive and do not bring anything new to the genre, but the action is so fun and what happens in Azeroth so exciting, that almo


st without realizing we will have reached the maximum level, set at 110, without losing the illusion of continuing to explore the Broken Islands. Who would want, having so much to do and so many magical places to get lost in? It is not exaggeration.


World of Warcraft Legion PC

Artistically, very few MMOs can match the majesty of Legion

Each of the seven large areas in which this expansion is divided not only shows a splendid artistic finish, of an amazing quality, but also has its own storyline. There are a lot of missions that flow naturally taking us from here to there without a second of respite until reaching the zenith of the adventure, represented in this case by the group dungeons .

These, as we said, do not surprise for their originality, rather they are typical in excess, but in them we find, first, a quality argumentative basis, that catches you without remedy, and more importantly, much, much intensity in the combats. It is a non-stop that excites and entertains equally. Especially when the bosses come into action, although at this point, we also miss something more originality.


There are great clashes, of course, but with the exception of some exceptions, most of these are solved by the fast route without too many complications. It’s a shame. When World of Warcraft: Legion goes out of the norm, and risks, it leaves you speechles



s with scenarios and game situations worthy of praise. The Chambers of Valor are a good example of this. It is not an original dungeon in the playable, but it is hard not to be impressed by the majesty of its artistic design and the fast pace of the fighting.


World of Warcraft Legion PC

A war with a view of the future

Anyone who will enjoy Warlords of Draenor will see that most of these virtues, and also defects, are identical in both games, but there is something that the previous expansion of World of Warcraft failed miserably and, it seems, the new Blizzard corrects: the highest level content , or rather, the lack of incentives to continue enjoying the adventure after completing its main challenges. Legion has laid the foundations of a truly promising future that goes beyond the simple interest to complete the Bands that, obviously, continue to be its greatest attraction. But not the only one! And that is a great point in his favor.


World of Warcraft Legion

World of Warcraft Legion

Train troops, entrust missions and obtain the precious booty. There is a lot to do in the Class Venues, some tasks with a great history behind!

In the constant search for legendary equipment with which to dress our heroes we must now add the Artifact Weapon , typical of each class and specialization, which evolves independently with its own abilities and improvements. It is not a minutia. Thanks to them, the videogame acquires a new layer of depth in what refers to the personalization of heroes, because we can enhance certain attributes to the detriment of others depending on our style of play. Reduce waiting times for a particular skill, increase the damage we cause with certain attacks, improve defense, acquire unique movements … thanks to special gemsthat we will find along our trip through the Broken Islands, we will unblock new ways of progression that will then have to be strengthened with experience points dedicated exclusively to these special weapons. It will not be easy.