World of Tanks Blitz

Shareware Blitz is designed for quick sessions evil , unobtrusive in terms of microtransactions system and is available not only tehnofetishistam: here you can confuse the basic differences between the average and heavy Ram II T29, but it’s still smart to win many.

Since all of the marked advantages are also valid for the “big» WoT (except where the party lasts seven and fifteen minutes), then it is, in fact, to downgrade stereotypes, empowerment brand in the eyes of the public. Some people that saw in the “tank” itself impervious wild cult can finally make it easy to reverse.

The mechanics for this embodied in a very compact form – so that you clearly understand the role played in the battles, and the strength of the running radius of the review, but it is easy to drive a tank through a virtual stick and a pair of buttons.

The menu, of course, it is possible to increase the power of the onboard clock guns, looking at the different types of equipment (first aid kit, fire extinguisher, etc.) and hardware – the machine can be, for example, provide camouflage net.

But all this does not affect the main thing: move around the map and beat enemies with fire, you will learn a maximum of three minutes.

Contractions occur at large, but not dimensionless (like, say, in Walking War Robots) cards. The first 20 seconds you mentally mark on the map positional nest and compose a route or dutifully trudges for someone from colleagues.

In this beginner frantically trying to determine the place where it did not immediately catch up with tangible caliber projectile in the body. Given that the smallest initial ascents tanks reduce the rate almost up to 10 kilometers per hour, the process is associated with panic.

But people with experience immediately think how quickly take opponents base – this will ensure victory, even if the enemy: the team is partially survive in combat.

Review of World of Tanks Blitz.  Game Review - Image 2

In the preparation of the party system includes a basic segregation. Against each other on the field crawl tanks of all nations (three factions: the United States, Germany and the Soviet Union), of any size and with different types of guns, but more or less general-level category. Minimum technical superiority someone is bound to have, although trust in his own peril: a brilliant Tiger, equipped with a strong brand bashey Pz.

Kpfw and powerful engine Maybach HL 174, at the desired level of tactical skill will understand effortlessly host a little weaker M6.

Review of World of Tanks Blitz.  Game Review - Image 9
Often critical shots enough to see a corner of the opponent’s body.

Enable “Fast and Furious” mode vzehat the hill. Do a couple of eye-catching shots. Slowly, clearing a path among frosted trees, down the other side and taxied to a narrow city street.

While unorganized opponent quickly rotates the tower, trying to hunt you down with binoculars and guess your next move, hide behind the brick walls and a few hits to immobilize the target. do not forget to use the “Adrenaline” to accelerate the recharge. Finish off the enemy.

Probably, however, the diversion will happen immediately after the final stage of the “climb the hill” – “Tiger” in a moment will bring down your modules the M6, and the rest of the match, you will be sad to see it broadcast by the Allies face. But what to do: meet the absolute amateur in Blitz is becoming more difficult with each passing day.

Returning to the initial thoughts. Accessibility of World of Tanks: Blitz is evident even in connection with the fact that in fact we face continuation of the series of interesting multiplayer mechanic embodied this year on mobile platforms.

Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft, Walking War Robots, Blitz – all products, not least for those who have no time for major MMO-fun (or simply does not know how to approach them), but not against, in obschem- then, in the evening to play with people online.

In this sense, the game is not Minskers offers some very exciting experience (and unlikely to be much of interest to those who have long said goodbye to privacy in WoT), but thanks to the performance level is still destined for a prosperous existence.

Moreover, now the audience finally became clear that the “Tank” – not some kind of wildly circle of interest, and not just to the glee TV psychologists kidnapped men from their unfortunate wives. Oh, we know .