Winter, Symbiots, Misterio, Miles Morales and JJ John Jameson – new rumors about Spider-Man 2 for PlayStation 5

Studio staff last night Insomniac games met onlineto conduct a technical demonstration Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 for Playstation 5. According to unconfirmed reports, for about an hour, developers discussed the details of the future game, including characters, plot and subsequent additions. After some time, the information supposedly safely leaked to the network and was posted on the Reddit forum. It was allegedly leaked by one of the participants in the conversation, who wished to remain anonymous.

Believe it or not, it’s up to you. So far, these are just rumors from an unverified source.

For a complete retelling of the hourly presentation, see below. Attention! Subject spoilers may be present in the text..


The game begins with a flight over a city covered with snow. The scene ends with a landing in the apartment where Peter lives with Mary Jane. They call up via video chat and during the conversation it turns out that M.D. located in Samkiria, where it covers peace talks. The girl should finish work on post-war texts from the interview and go home in a few weeks.

Mary Jane asks Peter about his life in New York, and he admits to joining The Daily Bugle. He received the position of photographer and can now pay their bills. M.D. trying to reassure Peter. She says that everything is not so bad, especially considering that they are now working together, while Peter takes the newspaper from the kitchen counter. The title of the article says that Jay John Jameson is returning to his former position due to the financial difficulties of the company (this is described in detail in the DLC “City that never sleeps” for playing Spider-Man on PlayStation 4).


The game is well developed physics of snow. When Spider-Man is standing on the roof of the building, it is gradually swept by snow. Flakes accumulate on clothes, and during movement fall down.

Peter walks around New York leaving traces. They are also left by residents walking around.

The developers recreated three types of weather conditions: light rain, light snow, heavy snow. The source claims that the game has about 7 types of weather, which changes dynamically.

The weather can change arbitrarily, it will not be tied to the plot, even to cutscenes.

Perhaps the plot of the second part will unfold over a much longer period of time than in the first, since the gameplay has more days. The source emphasizes that the developers tried to distance themselves as far as possible from the definitions of “it happens during the day / it happens at night.” However, they could not do without them completely. There were still places in the game with an unexpected change of time of day.

Dynamic missions

Dynamic missions appeared in the game. For example, in one of them, Spider-Man, sitting on a flagpole, grabs a balloon flying in the air and throws it into a helicopter. A kind of game variation of the scene from the movie Spider-Man 2.

In the second mission, the hero rescues builders hanging on ledges and falling from buildings. Then they must be taken to the hospital. Also in the game there is a scene of rescuing people from a burning building.

Side quests

Mysterio will appear in the game. Their battle with Spider-Man will take place near the Statue of Liberty. Also, as part of the presentation, several images of the theater and the clock tower were shown, where the protagonist was lit.

New side quests will open throughout the game. There will be much more than in the first part. Some of them will reveal villains, and others – the world.

In one of the side quests, Hellish Kitchen with a “certain lawyer” was lit. Most likely, we are talking about Daredevil. In the other – a certain “fantastic and fiery.” The hero is likely to meet with the Human Torch. A racing mission has been prepared for him.


In one cutscene, Peter inadvertently intervenes in a dispute between Jay John Jameson and Eddie Brock. The source compares the appearance of the latter with the animated version from the series “New Adventures of Spider-Man.” The hero is the same large, muscular and bold. The name of Dr. Conners also sounds in the scene.

In the other, he meets a symbiote. A giant, wriggling piece of alien slurry lies in an alley when Spider-Man approaches him. This is clearly not Venom, but some other symbiote. The source describes it as “Proto-Venom.”

In a dialogue with Harry, Peter tries to reason with his best friend.

“How dare Norman do this to you?”

“Harry … Harry, it’s me. This is Peter. I’m here, buddy. ”

“Oh God, Harry, you … killed those people.”

The last sentence brings Harry to life and the symbiote leaves his body, connecting with Peter.

The source says that initially the developers wanted to make Harry Venom, but they were afraid of the anger of the comic book fans.

Symbiot was created in Oscorp to cure Harry of the disease. In the first act, the hero breaks free and begins to kill. The scene described above was taken from the second act, when Harry was already cured and the symbiote was leaving his body.


During the presentation, several images of the classic black Spider costume were demonstrated. The source says that the authors want to please every player.

When the weather is clear and the sky is clear, light should not be reflected from Spider-Man sitting on the roof. In this case, a classic suit is best.

You can switch to a black suit by pressing just one button. The developers drew inspiration from Web of Shadows, which prompted them to a style-changing system.

An advanced suit, a webbed suit (a nod towards Sam Raimi) and others were seen on the selection screen. When choosing an advanced suit and switching it to black, the look of the apparel has changed. The source claims that each costume has its own version of the symbiote.

Combat mechanics

During the battle, combos, accuracy and speed of keystrokes still dominate. Also at the forefront is again evasion. But this applies to battles in a classic costume.

When switching to a symbiote, some mechanics change, developing into more “fluid” combat elements. Battles become powerful, furious, with much faster attacks and less dodge. The hero flies from one enemy to another and can attack everyone at once using the abilities of a symbiote.

The black suit has its own separate skill tree, which unlocks after receiving it. Skills in the second part are slightly more than in the previous game, but not by much.

At the presentation of the combat system with the help of a symbiote, very little time was devoted, most likely, it is still under development.


In the cutscene, stitched for presentation from a variety of videos together, Peter, who fell under the influence of a symbiote, and Miles Morales were shown. The heroes argued about something, and then Peter put on a black suit and jumped from the roof. Miles in his classic suit stopped the robbery and, swaying on the web using the new Web-Chain mechanics, flew between buildings and roofs.

In one of the episodes, Miles fights with a group of enemies, and then Peter enters the battle. Heroes fight together and the player is free to switch between them at certain points.

In another, Norman Osbourne is busy in the laboratory where Harry escaped with some unknown materials. Presumably with the DNA of Peter Parker. In anger, he crushes everything and throws the table out of the window. The scene ends with Osborne laughing.

The developers also introduced the first DLC images. Perhaps there will be three again. They are dedicated to Morbius, Carnage and Rafe.

The first will raise the theme of the murderer and his atonement. The source claims that the developers want to make Carnage from Peter Parker, which Miles will confront. However, the concept is still under development and the authors have not yet decided on it.

Initially, the game was planned to be presented in the summer, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, the announcement was postponed to the end of summer, most likely to August. Perhaps it will take place even later, depending on how the situation develops.

The release of Spider-Man 2 is scheduled for the Christmas holidays of 2023.

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