American magical realism in all its glory

 Where the water tastes like wine review

In every country there are a lot of folk tales. Many of them are passed from mouth to mouth from time immemorial.
Some – on the contrary, only the product of their time, the echo of the era. A product created under the influence of specific environmental conditions.
But the time is not far off when they will also become a part of folklore.
The locomotive of folk art does not stand still, it rushes along the prairies of consciousness, peering into its most hidden corners, where unimaginable myriad stories are concealed. Stories about love, hardship, search and duty.
The game Where the Water Tastes Like Wine only opens the veil of this mystery, giving us a moment to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of America during the Great Depression – a place where tales from around the world found a new home.

It’s no secret that the United States of America has gathered people from all over the world on its own expanses.

The most desperate and crazy daredevils, sometimes lost all that can and can not, went to the “New World” for a life of lending. The unexplored land promised untold riches and unprecedented freedom.


The people of all stripes rushed to where “the water tastes like wine.”

Leaving the Old World, they left all the bitterness and sadness behind, but in addition to scanty scapes and crusts, they took something more valuable with them – memories of their native land, their past lives and the legends of their ancestors.


The “patchwork” of the United States, in the manner of the cultivated fields of Kentucky, absorbed these seeds that crossed the ocean.

And the shoots did not take long to wait: the stories were full of details and changed, adapting to the new cultural environment.

Like their bearers, these legends ran counter to fate, fought for life and the chance to be told again: at night by the fire during a long hike or exhausting field work.

Where the Water Tastes Like Wine game is very original. It balances at the junction of genres: here you and the text quest (interactive fiction), and an audiobook, and a seasonal worker’s simulator.

The game is trying to uncover and expose the era of the Great Depression, one of the most painful economic phenomena of the mid-20th century, and to show us the position of ordinary people on the ground through their very essence – folklore.

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The plot is simple: you are the nameless traveler who lost the cards to the gentleman in a gray with the head of a wolf. Everyone is called by his boss, and voiced it, for a minute, Sting himself.

Now you owe him, and in order to work off the debt, you have to go through all 48 states and collect for Boss folk legends of all stripes.

You start in Maine, and then go where the eyes look – the whole continent is like in the palm of your hand. This is where the fun begins.

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Go where your eyes are looking

It’s nice already how the developers handle the material: they do not dry out a ton of text on the player, but they act out in front of us the theater of one actor, simultaneously savoring the action with rather stylish illustrations and a multifaceted sound series.

After all, in fact, in addition to stories in this game is nothing. The rest – only a lot of media, designed to keep us at the screen longer than usual.

Walking cheerfully with a knapsack on the shoulder, we go and collect legends, legends, myths and tales – everything that will turn up on the arm.


  Where the water tastes like wine song

  • Breathe the Black
  • Vagrant Song (Deep South) (feat. Joshua Du Chene)
  • Miles of Smiles
  • Curandera
  • From This Field I Wish To Rise
  • Shining Isles of Ivory
  • Vagrant Song (Appalachia) (feat. Jillian Aversa)
  • Noodle it Out
  • Dust to Dust
  • This Trench Was Dug for Me
  • Vagrant Song (Midwest)

There are very few recent emotional games

And nothing that the main character is a skeleton in a hat.

He was just ripped off his flesh, so he traveled light. In this game both the animals talk and people keep quiet, the secret becomes obvious, and a simple concert in a local cabaret can turn into a dispute with a gang of ghosts.

Yes, there is a real “magical realism” in  where the water tastes like wine ps4.

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In total 219 stories are scattered around the map: each of them is sounded and illustrated. It’s very simple: we come to the icon of history, click on the blank, listen, sometimes we make some decisions.

The stories themselves are small, sometimes they do not exceed several paragraphs, but how competently they are submitted.

All collected stories are recorded on the main topics in the inventory, and the themes themselves are presented in the form of tarot cards.

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“Because Boss likes maps,” the crow passing by tells us. But that is not all. The fact is that when traveling around the country, we carry the heard stories farther and farther from the range of their existence, listen to new versions, agree with the interpretations – in accordance with the actions we adopted, their description in the register can drastically change.

The very same protagonist is depicted in the game on the card “Fool”.

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History went “to the people”

In addition, on the way we will meet sixteen poor souls, wanderers, plowing the country’s expanses in search of a better life. Search for them at the fires marked on the map.

There is a runaway miner, a single woman, a former poet, a black guide, a veteran of the First World War, and many others.

And it is when they meet with them that the game opens on the other side. The text quest is replaced by a metaphysical audio book.

Each of the characters has a story written by a professional author and he will tell it to you if you please his curiosity with stories from your bottomless torba.

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All the characters are fully voiced, including actors from such games as Mass Effect , The Walking Dead and Firewatch .

Each of them likes to listen to something of their own: one give horror stories, another – romance, the third will alternately demand that adventure stories, then funny stories.

One night is allowed to tell five stories, and each story can be told to the character only once.

At the same time in each category there can be a maximum of three of the collected stories, which can be changed to a halt.

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So before a new meeting with the character will have to remember that he has already heard and what does not. As a fact, more collected stories – more options.

Tell everything as it should, the character will imbue you with confidence and tell you about his difficult fate. And after that you will part in the morning. And so until you know all the vicissitudes and hardships of pilgrims.

But before you listen to a new story or sit around a campfire with a traveler, you’ll have to get to this story or a fire: on your own two, on a ride, or on a train.

All major cities, roads and railways are marked on the map, so it is not difficult to find a convenient route. The only negative – the main character well, very leisurely .

It does not help even the whistling of a saving melody, designed to speed up the process of foot movement. And most of the time here is to go for their own two.

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Very often during a trip on a ride you see the icons of stories flying past past and you realize that you will have to go back and pick up the missed goods.

During the trip, you can also get tired, get into trouble and be robbed, which directly affects the three characteristics: money, health and sleep.