Passage of Minecraft (Minecraft): Where to find copper in Minecraft and what is it used for?

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The Minecraft Caves & Cliffs update has added a new ore in the form of copper. This guide explains where to find it and how to use it. It should be borne in mind that copper is not suitable for crafting tools or armor, but it is useful for crafting other useful items.

Like any other ore, it can be mined underground. The rarity of copper is set at the same level as that of iron ore. Therefore, there shouldn’t be any problems with its search, especially with the introduction of the “Lush Caves”. The largest amount of copper occurs between levels Y 4 and 63. When mining, players receive copper blocks, which must then be smelted into ingots.

There are currently three recipes that require copper ingots, including copper blocks, lightning rods, and a telescope. Copper blocks can be used for construction, such as making copper slabs and stairs. Among other things, copper tends to oxidize, this will be seen by the change in the color of the surface from red to lighter shades of turquoise. If beeswax is applied to such a block, then the desired color can be preserved.

Copper lightning rods allow you to attract lightning to prevent them from hitting wooden buildings and killing animals and mobs. The spyglass will be useful, in particular, for console players to look at distant places, since they cannot use Optifine’s zoom mechanics.

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