If you’re reading this article, it is quite likely that you have experienced a period, maybe in between primary and secondary, where whenever someone was starting a ” la la la la lalla ” dall’ugola I was born – naturally – a counter made of ” bo bo bo, bo bo bo “, culminating in a series of indistinct baritonal vocalizations.

Slaps And Beans release date
15 december  2017

Similarly, we are willing to bet that, more or less the same time, your dream car was a wonderful red dune buggy with a yellow canopy. All absolutely normal, given that for us boys of the 80s Bud Spencer and Terence Hillthey are untouchable icons, eternal,trinity team,pillars of our pop formation, as well as protagonists of endless evenings spent laughing at the TV.


Needless to try an objective approach as on the screen flash the contours of Carlo Pedersoli and Mario Girotti , because in the people we are today still echoes the echo of those clamorous punches.Before even knowing what the Avengers were, we already had a super group ready to defend the Earth. What was missing was a video game that offered them a homage, and to us the digital realization of a long-held dream.


Even too much. For this reason, even before getting our hands on the Trinity Team game, we were already happy as a turkey at the tofu festival. A sentiment reinvigorated by the discovery that, apart from the rogue nostalgia, the work of the Italian team has produced a game of respect . And it’s better this way, because otherwise … well, you know.

Trinity and Bulldozer

Considering the quarrelsome power of our heroes, we can not imagine a ludic formula more apt than that chosen by Trinity Team for their Slaps And Beans review .


The first work of the Bolognese studio is slaps and beans game in fact a horizontal scrolling brawler that sees the dynamic duo struggling with their favorite activities: drinking beer, eating beans, and of course grinding to the sound of punched loads of minions. Which, if you think about it, is a stringent collection of the cornerstones of the interpretive curriculum of these paladins of the slap in the forehead.

Just the filmic story of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill is the element that unites and characterizes the 12 levels that make up the adventure, starting from a rather clever narrative device, which will undoubtedly pull you a childish smile. On the other hand the idea behind the plot of the game – which we dare not reveal – could very well be the pitch of one of the couple’s films.


Oh well, maybe not really celluloid material, but the important thing is that the guys of the Trinity Team have managed to compose a wonderful mosaic of jokes and quotes, perfectly able to warm the hearts of the fans with the same atmosphere that filled their – and our – evenings based on barrel and laughter.


The truth is that just hear the first four notes of Bulldozer of Oliver Onions , one of the historical songs included in the game, to fall victim to a spell of nostalgia and beautiful memories.


If you are part of the large group of those who fell the world, do not miss even one of the TV shows with the films of Bud and Terence, you will spend four wonderful hours with a blessed expression printed on the face, rekindled by every detail hidden in the scene , from every dialogue that, in a wonderfully explicit way, evokes the couple’s legendary bickering.

… Stronger, guys!

The fact that Slaps And Beans has the magical ability to make you return Ridancian infants does not mean that the title does not have merit games, far from it. As in the most classic genre tradition (think of Streets of Rage or Double Dragon ), our heroes face hordes of adversaries advancing along levels that develop horizontally. Players can count on a light attack, a heavy attack (which consumes an energy bar placed under health) and on a parade that, if performed with the right timing, results in a rather effective counterattack.

As good all-rounders of the blow, Bud and Terence can also perform attacks on the run and grab various items to be used as improvised weapons, perhaps after having emptied them of their corroborating contents.


If you are thinking of the classic bean-filled pad, you have obviously hit the mark. Before giving free rein to the beatings, we are asked to select which of the “two almost flat surfaces” to bring to the field: an important choice, given that the characters are characterized in a different way from the mazzuolatorio point of view.


From a good self-propelled tank, ” Child“it is logically the slowest and most powerful of the two, and is capable of composing symphonies of mighty slaves to be closed, strictly, with a” pigeon “, or the vertical cazzottone that has always been the Bud’s martial signature.