Cats and misdeeds in the review of Purrfect Date

 Purrfect date review

The cat is the most beautiful animal in the world. It’s a fact. And if you do not agree, there is the door: close it slowly when you go out. It is clear that you are #teamJacob and that you like Twilight, puss away.

Apart from the jokes and the complicated jokes that will have understood those poor people that Twilight really got themselves into, the cat is one of the most intelligent, charming and dignified animals that exist, but above all it is also one of those most gifted with “personality”.


The writer of cats has had more than fifty and there was one that did not have something that distinguished him clearly from others! They are small persons. Some cultures even worshiped them or venerated them again. The Egyptians venerated Bastet, a cat-like goddess who represented the sun and protected the pharaoh, that is, the incarnation of the god Ra.


The Japanese erected the temple of Gotokuji in honor of a cat who, according to legend, would lead a feudal lord to salvation. And still in Japan there are some islands, like that of Aoshima, where more cats live than human beings.  purrfect date game is set in an island of the genre, although not necessarily the Japanese one, but the feline overpopulation hides a mystery …




In Purrfect Date we interpret a young researcher or researcher (we will choose his features among six different portraits, three by genre, at the beginning of the game) in charge of cataloging and caring for cats living on this tropical island on behalf of Professor Pawpurr, a famous scholar of the feline breed.


The same evening of our arrival, however, happens the unexpected and, after we recklessly go into a dangerous area of ​​the island, we find ourselves the next morning with the ability to communicate with the cats of the island.Apparently we have been contaminated by a virus that turns human beings into cats: at this point the game really starts and our most important task will be to discover the antidote to prevent the transformation.


Purrfect Date is divided into six chapters and during each of them we will have to strategically manage a limited number of opportunities: five appointments with cats, three investigations and three attempts to summarize the antidote.

Purrfect date gameplay

The game is actually a visual novel, rather than a dating simulator, and our answers in some cases can lead to the sudden closure of a chapter, preventing us from exploiting the other possibilities and putting us on the path for one of the eighteen different endings expected.

Purrfect Date might seem like a geeky title based on an idea to say the least freakish, but in reality the small developer Bae Team shows, in a few minutes, to know his business. The game is simply written very well, even if it is completely in English and this could remove those who are unfamiliar with the foreign language.


The dialogues are sparkling, flowing and full of irony and double meaning, but above all they are not at all obvious.Even the notorious “appointments” with cats are anything but banal feline romanticism: they feared some bad taste dialogue, instead they serve more than anything else to learn more about the five protagonist cats and, in some cases, to discover something more about ‘island.


There is no place for zoophilia or beaky humor, something on which the script moreover ironizes many times. The real protagonist is the island that, at times, reminded us of that of the famous TV series Lost. Discussing with the inhabitants, information and secrets that make up a surprisingly complicated mosaic come to the surface.


Purrfect date ending

Number Name
1 Anti-hero
2 You’re stressing meowt
3 Major let down
4 Major hit!
5 Friction
6 Frission
7 Single player!
8 Player 2!
9 Star crossed
10 Written in the stars
11 One liner
12 Rhyming couplet
13 Dry drunk
14 Love drunk
15 Impurrfect Date
16 You’ve been sacked
17 Everything in its right place
18 Half measure