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A selection of magical projects for aesthetes and escapists: from a bully role-playing adventure to a philosophical platformer.

From time immemorial, winter was a time when people gathered at the fire and told each other stories about how knights fought dragons, treacherous fairies enchanted beautiful princesses, and brave heroes defeated forest monsters. And now, when a snowstorm whispers outside the window, I just want to wrap myself in a warm blanket, pour a cup of cocoa and look through a book of fairy tales with cute illustrations. And even better – pick up a gamepad and feel like a real savior of the world. For example, playing one of the fairy-tale games we have selected from all over the world.

Child of light

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games

This story not only captivates with touching warmth and corresponds to all the canons of good old legends, but also is told in verse, and also looks like a revived canvas of a painter. At the center of a magical adventure from Ubisoft montreal – a brave little princess Aurora, who needs to save a fabulous country from the wiles of an evil witch, help her newfound friends and find a way to her native kingdom.

The puzzles with the play of light and shadow turned out to be bright and original

Turn-based battles remind classics of Japanese role-playing games

Together with Aurora we have to go around castles and temples, forests and dungeons, look for caches and avoid traps, solve simple puzzles and distribute cuffs to monsters in turn-based battles. IN Child of light there is even a co-op where one player will help Aurora and the other will direct her firefly assistant. After all, saving the world together is more fun!

Odin Sphere Leifthrasir

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games

Odin sphere – a real saga in which the fate of several heroes is intertwined. The brave Valkyrie wants to prove to her father that she is a warrior, not a bride of marriageable age. The cursed knight seeks the meaning of his rapidly dying life. A young fairy rescues her native forest from invaders. The prince, turned into an unknown little animal, is trying to dispel the spell, and his beloved sorceress – to unravel the sinister intrigues of the court magicians.

The little fairy looks defenseless, but can easily explode half-level

Tale in a fairy tale: the characters we play for are actually just the heroes of the books that the little girl Alice reads in her attic

The heroes pave their way not with diplomacy, but with a sword and magic, raining down cunning combos and powerful super blows on enemies (dragons, ghosts and distraught kings do not understand another language). At the same time, the battles, like the dialogs, look amazing: the games of the Japanese studio Vanillaware always chic style, but here she simply surpassed herself and produced a truly enchanting picture.

Ori and the Blind Forest

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games
IN Ori and the Blind Forest the creators mixed ecological parable, eastern philosophy and Native American motifs. The result was a surprisingly one-piece fairytale with a bewitchingly beautiful design, after which it is time to think about the connection of people and cultures.

When a giant owl appears, you involuntarily remember “Hedgehog in the Fog”

The story is meditative, but you should not relax: the gameplay of procrastination and inattention will not forgive

A touching story is dedicated to the little spirit of Ori, who is trying to save his native forest from wilting. To return the normal order of things to the dying thicket, you need to find the sources of the elements and restore the disturbed balance. The task is not an easy one: on the path of Ori, spikes, lava rivers and other dangers will arise, and few surviving forest inhabitants see him as an enemy, not a savior. But through the efforts of the hero, the surrounding world is gradually becoming lighter and friendlier, and its inhabitants are aware of their unity with the forest and with each other.

Okami hd

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games
They like to scare wolves: a gray top will come and how it will grab the barrel! But with the four-legged heroine Okami things are exactly the opposite. Here, the sun goddess Amaterasu herself turned into a white wolf, who came to save Japanese lands from the dragon Orochi and other villains. And she fights them not with the help of teeth and claws, but … with the magic power of art!

Fall in love with the original style of the game at first sight

The main weapon of Amaterasu is the divine brush, with one stroke of which you can light the sun or restore a collapsed bridge, arrange an explosion or cut through an obstacle, as if with a sharp blade. Moreover, the player himself will have to draw different signs: with a stick, a mouse or another controller (depending on what turns up by the arm). Only in this way can order be restored in an exotic world similar to a drawing that suddenly found life and volume sumi-e, and at the same time feel like a great creator.

Fable: The Lost Chapters

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games
Perhaps the most traditional fantasy and adult fairy tale in this collection. Plot in Fable: The Lost Chapters not so important: this is, first and foremost, the story of the formation of a hero whom we meet as a frail village boy. And it depends only on the player whether he will grow up a warrior or a magician, a shining sanctuary or a horned bully, which craft he will choose … and with which girl (or, hmm, not a girl) he will build a relationship.

Oh and not easy to be a hero! And the villains must be managed to defeat, and the girl cheek on, and find the talking doors in the forest

Of course, fourteen years after the release of the game, such a concept does not sound so cool and revolutionary, but Fable still conquers with its humor and recklessness. Like a world full of secrets, surprises and non-trivial tasks, as well as a touching cartoon picture. It’s a pity that in the remaster Fable anniversary the style has become more realistic: you have to choose between authenticity and modern graphics.

Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games
Do you like Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons, and Spirited Away, Walking Castle and Ponyo the Fish on the Cliff are erased to the holes along with the rest of the classic? So it’s time to switch to video games inspired by the work of the master! Fortunately, the renowned Ghibli studio heartily helped Level-5 with the design of the role Ni no Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch.

Ghibli studio style is recognized from the first shots

In battle, Oliver is helped by friends and a whole crowd of cute monsters familiar

Bright action RPG really looks like a cartoon where the viewer was allowed to control the characters. However, the game pleases not only with form, but also with content: a kind, instructive and slightly naive story tells about little Oliver who lost his mother and desperately wants her back. For this, he is ready to go to a parallel world, become a real wizard, travel to different times and countries and defeat the evil witch and her henchmen with friends.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

What to play to believe in a miracle? The most beautiful fabulous games
Plot The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild simple to indecent. The hero wakes up from a hundred-year-old dream and learns that he must save the princess imprisoned in the castle (and the whole world in addition). Before that, he, as usual, has to find the legendary sword and enlist the support of his comrades-in-arms … but the feature of the game is not in history, and not even in gameplay perfected to the smallest detail or incredible freedom of action. The charm of Breath of the Wild – in a stunningly vibrant world, packed to the eyeballs with miracles.

Not a single day in Link’s life passes without discoveries and unexpected meetings

Here, forest spirits hide under the stones, powerful dragons soar above the mountains, torches lit in the right order open the way to secret shrines, and a traveler, met under a sprawling tree on a rainy night, can tell about a hidden treasure. In the magical world of Khayrul, it’s interesting not only to heroism, but also just to live: cook food by the fire, study local legends and wonder what kind of surprise awaits the next turn.

Fairy tales are a broad concept: they include creepy folklore, the sad stories of Hans Christian Andersen, and Disney cartoons, where everyone sings and lives happily ever after. Games try to keep up with literature in variety, so you can find philosophical parables and caustic satire, tragic love stories and good stories about friendship and mutual assistance in them. But in one, all the projects above are similar: each allows you to get into a different world saturated with magic, the secrets of which are drawn to unravel.