“Everything is completely sold out” – in anticipation of Half-Life: Alyx gamers have bought up stocks of Valve Index helmets around the world

Shortly after the November announcement Half-Life: Alyx reports of significantly increased demand for a VR helmet Valve index. In a number of regions, the headset was then sold out in a matter of days, and Now the inventory of the device has run out almost worldwide, and this despite the rather high price tag – $ 999 for a complete set.

According to the publication Road to vr, at the moment the helmet is completely sold out in thirty regions from 31. Officially, it is currently possible to purchase it only in Japan, where there are still some reserves of the device, but even there, out of five sets, only two remained available to customers: a helmet and controllers and controllers separately.

In a commentary for Road to VR, a Valve spokesman stated that the company is working hard to bring more units to the market and to satisfy high consumer demand. They promise to return the helmet to sale before the release of Half-Life: Alyx.

The release of the game will take place in March this year.

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