NBA 2K18

Where (were) we were left?
After the story mode edited by Spike Lee in person for 2K16 and guest star Michael B. Jordan to make us a 2K17 shoulder, both good ideas but they did not give that quid more to a single campaign for too long like it this year, a real revolution has been made. My Career is no longer the usual succession of seasonal games, this time the player is master over all his life with The Quarter, a real mini-open world to explore.
The Quarter proposes a whole new way of approaching the mode, giving us the opportunity to continue in the plot as we prefer: locations are persistent and alive, populated by other human users, stores and activities to interact in the most diverse ways.
As in every neighborhood that respects, there are basketball pitches where you can gauge in 3 vs 3, 1 vs 1, crushing, shooting and more than one races; there is the NBA store (based on the real model in New York) to buy the franchise’s signed bosses, there is the barber, with whom to exchange four chats in the best movie clips, in addition to regular beard and hair, clearly.
There is also a games room with the inevitable basketball game and several other goodies, and last but not least, there is the gym where to work with the team or alone.
Road to 99
All this brings us to the heart of the mode, or the race to constantly improve our avatars: the growth system has been changed, now any activity, whether in the street, at the gym or on parquet of the most prestigious NBA palaces, experience points that affect a parameter or another, depending on how we behaved with the ball in hand.
For example, if in a game we were particularly good at catching the rebounds, at the end of the game we will be assigned more points to the “Bounty Specialist” tag: once the required target is unlocked, the next version of the card is released. player increasingly skillful.
The points of all the added cards go to the general level, displayed in percentage:In short, the road to the much-eager 99 is beautiful long, and everyone can decide to take it as you like, if you want, you can not even play NBA games, history and climbing continue anyway!
NBA 2K18, 2K basketball title review
Ball does not lie
It’s not just a career in re-making the trick, but the gameplay has undergone a few reapprays, and the first thing that jumps on the eye is the new pull bar, a half-moon vertical to load and release at the right time to fire the shot perfect: for those who played all previous chapters unfortunately the impact is quite traumatic,and in the early hours of play we pulled many bricks to build a skyscraper, possibly even a slight delay in the appearance of the bar at the moment of the button’s press.
Nothing that can never be accommodated with one of the many patches that will be released, as is often the case, during the year. While the new shooting method may be difficult to master, it further complicates the attacks (but this time is a positive note) the CPU CI is added to the CPU, significantly improved on the defensive side: the opponents are now very difficult to leave to pull those who wear the ball, and are even quicker to read cuts and blocks, so if we want to play like the Golden State Warriors we really have to train a lot this time
For those who do not know what we are talking about, this is a way we can build our dream roster through the sale of cards, buying packages and so on, a format made famous by FIFA with Ultimate Team several years ago