Endless Space 2

Endless Space 2 can briefly be described like this – take the mechanics of the original dokrutili additional details, moved the game on a new engine and turned out well. It also called proper sequel.

Fans of the first part are comfortable in continuing in minutes – of the really major changes here, perhaps, only the interface, which at first seems very much bulkier.

For the rest, this is the same monstrous vacuum cleaner your free (and not) time, which is never enough “couple of hours in the evening.”

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The first part has removed not only the entire backbone of the gameplay, but the four factions. Another four – newcomers, and, as expected, each faction is able to do something. Zephaniah, for example, as in the first part can very quickly learn the technology.

The Imperials have learned to buy technological improvements for points of influence. Of the newcomers is particularly noteworthy Time Masters (riftborn in the original), and die-hard (unfallen).

The first are able to speed up and slow down time, but can not reproduce because they are robots, and the second – reasonable plants, which settle in the galaxy by braiding energy systems vines.

It is worth to pay tribute to the designers – all factions in Endless Space 2 really looks and plays differently, whereas in the first part they are from each other almost did not differ.

A couple of different technologies – not in the bill, and the harmony is generally only added in the expansion.

In addition to external honors and a set of unique technologies in the fractions and now has a small storyline, help you learn the game and get different useful veshchichek.

In addition to the story quests, galaxy and found countless small tasks – from research any anomalies before the showdown with the mysterious Academy.

Yes, and all sorts of small fractions added – in them, by the way, and recorded part fractions from the first part, like amoebas and pilgrims. It all finally makes the universe the game is much more vivid and saturated.

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Gameplay the game is almost not changed – you examine the system kolonizuete most promising, while studying the various technologies that will help your society evolve. But all sorts of added many details.

In addition to the tasks already mentioned above, the developers have completed the trading system, slightly reworked ship designer, and also changed the technology tree.

If previously you had only four branches with technology, it is now, these branches are divided into age – until you examine a certain number of technologies one era to the next you will not be allowed.

It slows down development, and forces to take “improvement” that you in general, and do not need, just to pave the way for the necessary technology. In the first part of this disgrace was not – that you want, then study it.

In addition, the game entered a full-fledged system of government. From now on, you have six political parties, each with its own view of the world, and each will be regularly torment you with their requests.

And once in twenty years, and all you have to worry about elections.

Party introduced the unique laws that can be taken, spending points of influence. And these laws are really useful – a bonus for science, manufacturing or construction speed ships hardly anyone can stop them. Well, of course, if you have enough influence.

The parties, by the way, is now made up and the characters, and if they represent a party in the Senate, some of their ability to bring great benefit to the entire state.

So try to do so that your heroes belonged to the ruling party – or advance their party in the Senate. Here as you will be more convenient.

And I should note that the idea of ​​the senate – quite sensible. Laws greatly simplify life, especially in the later stages of the game, when the impact of glasses simply nowhere to go.

And it looks like this is logical – in the first part of the empire answerable only one person (actually, player) that was somehow strange.

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But with a little commerce developers blundered. Even despite the fact that she, too, has become much more logical than in the previous part. Now you need to build a headquarters for the trading houses, to hire cargo ships and get directions. Previously,

I remind you, this was done a little bit easier – built into every system on several improvements to trade and currently sit wait until you find a trading partner.

The trouble is that at some point these trading houses are beginning to bear some very exorbitant profits. It’s no joke – just three trading companies, built at the same time in a completely random systems, the 200th course brought me a hundred thousand

Dust (local currency) in the course of, for comparison – my ten systems at the same time brought me only a half thousand. Yes, it’s all based on trade between the two empires, but still.

And if you and this is not enough – in the second part there was also a full galactic market where you can buy and sell a variety of resources.

No money? It does not matter, selling a couple hundred units of titanium from your inventory, and you – a millionaire.

That’s why I advise everyone to disconnect economic victory – at least as long as developers do not finalize the trade balance.