One Piece: Burning Blood

This happens for the second fall in a row – in Steam mysteriously pops up game on comics One Piece by Eiichiro Oda (Eiichiro Oda).

For fans of the manga last ten years had become accustomed, which corresponds to good bulk on consoles, but the success of the line Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm on PC prompted Bandai Namco closer look at this platform. So closely, that after the “Naruto” and the game of “Big jackpot” is now out in Russian with subtitles in Russian.

Last year’s One Piece: Pirate Warriors 3 receivedfrom SG-won “prohodnyak”. PC-port could not boast of any visually pleasing nor good optimization. Even camera Pirate Warriors 3 wildly inconvenient to manage that with the joypad that keyboard! However, Burning Blood made another studio. CyberConnect2 ? Nea, Spike Chunsoft , memorable bright mordoboynym crossover J-Stars Victory VS . And the genre Burning Blood another – this is not an action / beat ’em up, like a Pirate Warriors 3 , and the good old arcade fighting game. Even though the three-dimensional.

As in Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 in Burning Bloodvery peculiar camera. Forget 3D-fights with free movement on the stage of discharge Virtua Fighter 5 or Tekken 6 where successfully saved traditional side view.

The Burning Blood camera peeps out from behind the character. It’s great to interfere with the review – if we take a lump of muscles such as Edward Newgate, the melee will have to guess what it conjures opponent – hiding behind a box or goes into the attack.

One Piece: Burning Blood game review

Life in multiplayer, unfortunately, is not in full swing. Search for opponents goes much longer than Pokken Tournament, and the pleasure of the fights a little more than in the Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul – Knights of the Zodiac.

Play Burning Blood , by itself, it is strongly recommended to the controller ready. Four standard action brought to the main buttons (jump, kick, unique attack, defense). Combining them with LB, get “speshely”. Provides “scale burning”, complete filling and activation which translates to “Flash” mode – where the hero makes the slaughter and changes some of its movement.

You want – ships raspolovinivay, you want – islands and continents Cruz. The culmination of – rendition of “super” in “Flash”. The only pity is, it does not stop the animation of the game – the enemy is free to run off to the side or stern whack you by going behind his back.

It would seem, is nothing new for “anime fighting game.” However, Spike Chunsoftnot so easy and dull! First of all, a fight can take three characters and change them directly in the heat of battle – to continue the combo or withdrawal from under the onslaught of the hurricane.

Something like the system of The King of to Fighters Fighters – 3 x 3 fights in this series are the cornerstone of the gameplay, as well as the sudden appearance of the “strikers”. More in Burning Blood have support characters ( “attached” to the D-pad) – I took such a fight, and he joins your health, to escape to the other side of the arena or the enemy suffered damage increased. Effects – set.

Open beasts

main characters, by the way, half a hundred – as in the new The King of Fighters XIV. The gameplay is different for them, but not that much. AI-boobs can win mashing X and Y buttons, the online multiplayer tactics a little more. The main difficulties are caused by shortening the distance, but it will become easier once mastered quickly “deshi” (the best defense – Dodge!).

Blood Burning – fighting game less predictable than Saint Seiya: Soldiers’ Soul – Knights of the Zodiac , but it battle more like a chaotic mess than the “chess” exchange of kicks from Street Fighter or of Virtua Fighter .

Down with the seriousness! Burning Blood– mischievous, reckless scuffle in which the creative development borders on reckless cretinism universe of “eat more.” Oh … better call it the Japanese vision of the world picture.

One Piece: Burning Blood game review

In the “Collection” can be a long time to get stuck reading a brief biography of the characters, the description of their capabilities, locations, events and the like. If you’re not targeting in the mythology of “eat more”, here you type the knowledge of even the basics.

For fans of creativity Eiichiro Oda Burning Blood – the same gift as Dragon Ball: Xenoverse for those who grew up on the TV series “Dragon Pearls”. “Bleeding” and crept here – the campaign (it is short, unlike the Pirate Warriors 3 ) with polpinka not pass, it is necessary to gain experience in the parallel mode. The funniest – “Search”, where we have a team of several daredevils mutuzit pirates caught at the sight of the Sea Watch. Flyers made an original and humorous – localization also not let us down.

The only pity is, Spike Chunsoft oriented Burning Bloodsolely on the fans. Background Luffy and his friends can not be explained, we were immediately thrown at the headquarters of the Sea Shepherd – saving from the scaffold legendary criminal. You understand something? If not, then it does not matter – at least, the graphics do not scare.