Heroes to the rescue

Dragon Quest Heroes returns to the shelves of the store with a second chapter that aims to expand and improve the formula of its predecessor, able to collect a great success all over the world. The idea of ​​Square Enix to join forces with Omega Force to give life to a spin off of his very famous franchise in musou sauce had initially made us turn up his nose, but

the first Heroes had proved to be a successful experiment capable of dampening in part of the tedious formula of musou enriching it with many elements and nuances taken by weight from the JRPG. Without aiming too far from that good result, Dragon Quest Heroes II wants to repeat its success by correcting some smudges. Target centered?

Dragon Quest Heroes II only partially succeeds in improving its predecessor


Following the main series, this second chapter does not have direct links with the previous one, setting itself as a perfect starting point even for those who want to try this spin-off. In Dragon Quest Heroes II we will face a powerful and obscure force that has endangered the peace that for over a thousand years reigned among the Seven Kingdoms, united by an alliance that never in this case seems to be in serious danger. To avoid a catastrophic war,


Lasaar and Theresa, two cousins ​​enrolled in the military academy, will face a gripping adventure full of dangers that will take them around the world in an attempt to eradicate the threat and restore peace by making it come true. an ancient prophecy.

Heroes to the rescue
Heroes to the rescue
Heroes to the rescue

A plot not particularly complex and full of twists, but sufficiently interesting to keep the attention and the desire to find out how it will end. As in the first chapter, even before starting the adventure and getting to know the two guys, we can choose in the shoes of the two to face the story, with the warning that the choice will not affect the flow of events and other characters .


Given the inevitable involvement of the master Akira Toriyama to character design, there will be no possibility of customization at any aesthetic level, leaving free choice with regard to equipment and paraphernalia.The cast of Dragon Quest Heroes II is quite vast and, considering its nature halfway between an action hack’n’slash and a JRPG, it will be necessary to study the characteristics of each character to build a party that is as balanced and versatile as possible.,


able to face both the huge waves of monsters that will appear in front of both the most aggressive bosses. At most we can bring four heroes with us, plus the chance to take advantage of the devastating combinations of spells made available by the concatenated attacks that in a short time allow to hurl all sorts of elemental attacks against the unlucky one.


In addition, by scoring hits you load the tension bar that results in a state of invulnerability of the character with infinite magic points and the addition of a supreme attack. Each step of the level, in addition to an increase in life and magic, you earn skill points to spend to unlock new moves or to improve the statistics of each character.


Both start as warriors but, unlike the other characters that will join the group with the continuation of the story, if shield and swords are not for us we can choose the way of the magician by strengthening the magical arts or to focus on gloves and knuckles for body combat to body.


 An option to extend the range of possibilities offered by Dragon Quest Heroes II to better adapt to the needs of the players.