Carbon Warfare

Some video games are primarily meant to discuss. The technique is to put in the focus of a problem that touches a large portion of users and create around the game mechanics that emphasize its importance. In this sense, two approaches can be seen: the fir

st can be seen in That Dragon, Cancer, in which the player has to face the problem and the consequences, with dramatic implications that go to the personal sphere; on the other side of the barricade there are games like Carbon Warfare where the player has to do anything but ride the problem and exterminate the human race.


Novelli satana
Once he was cleared with Plauge Inc., the kind of “disaster game” began to take a special stand in mobile mode. Also Carbon Warfareis a real-time strategy game in which the player is called to give vent to his dark side to put an end to h

uman domination. In this case, the topic is not focused on illness but on the climatic problem related to the increase in CO2 that the game identifies with the name Carbon. After getting in touch with the basic mechanics through the long tutorial will begin our subtle shyness. We will be welcomed by a left man in his jacket and tie (who will hardly b

e in contact with Half Life’s G) who will lead us to bring humanity to self-destruction with the power he has given us. Throughout the game we will face a mappamondo that we can rotate with simple fingertips, which will signal the major cities in the world, separated by continent.



Investment is the key to decline
In the early stages of gaming you will have to focus on investment; for each continent, we will have access to several development trees where each unlocked element will bring an increase in earnings, reinvest in subsequent investments, or an increase in CO2 emissions. The more these investments become huge, the more the population awareness will increase, so you

will be forced to use some of your earnings to create misinformation and then divert the game over. Each continent has its own growth trees, which can get intertwined with particular intercontinental exchanges. The start of the game is crucial because it will give you the right structure to get in the second. Sucking at the stars the temperatures will help you destroy the cities with disasters.


A hand from above
Once you reach a high global temperature, you will have access to natural disasters. While all of the above described structure is still working, but less efficient, since cities will decrease with the gains, you must begin to disassociate with awareness.

Carbon capture conferences are more important, which if left undisturbed, will exponentially raise awareness of the population until they reach their goal and bring the player to the game over screen. In addition to being able to replicate the same setting with increasing difficulties, the game proposes variants: in the first we will leave the second part immediately and have acc


ess to the disasters that will reload more frequently; The second option, however, requires that governments be active right away and try to counteract carbon already from the first minutes of play. In addition, you can unlock other two modes via a currency that you receive at the end of the game or with real money. All these modes, as mentioned, offer different levels of difficulty.