At work!

 Job simulator review


With all that follows in terms of the space needed to fully enjoy the experience and annoyance caused if it is not possible to settle as required.


It is clear that when everything runs smoothly, the satisfactions are multiple and the fun is immediately perceived, especially when you decide to let someone who has never tried virtual reality play and who in Job Simulator can immediately understand what do and what actions to take.In fact, the game tries to recreate a series of routine activities within four distinct scenarios. We have the mechanic, the chef, the cashier and the clerk.


Each of these settings offers sixteen tasks (thirteen only for the mechanic) of increasing commitment and well explained by a robot that also acts as a narrative element.


At the level of history, in fact, the game tries to recreate a dystopian future in which humanity is practically extinct and all that remains are fluctuating cathode ray screens with intelligence and a minimum of sense of humor. We are just one of these robots visiting a museum dedicated to the work done by humans and for this reason we can relive these “magnificent” experience of everyday life.


Each scenario, once completed, can also be dealt with in free mode carrying out tasks without interruption, but it is assumed that after an hour and a half, we will have seen everything that the product is able to offer us and it will be difficult to remain the want to slip the viewer again to make another smoothie or change the pistons of a small car.

Job Simulator takes full advantage of PlayStation VR and Move but we will have plenty of room to play it


Job simulation game contains 12 trophies. Excluding the inevitable platinum, we find eleven all of gold. Five are related to the completion of the game and the various scenarios, while five others are related to specific actions that can be performed within the environments. Finally there is one last, very easy to collect, which simply asks you to read the credits from beginning to end.

 What is job simulation?

Simulator job requires the complete configuration of the Sony viewer to be played. So in addition to PlayStation VR and PlayStation Camera, it forces the player to have two Move.


There is no way to make it work with one or more DualShocks. During the configuration phase of the game you immediately understand that it is necessary to have a completely free space at 360 ° around the player.


It must be possible to extend their limbs to the maximum and the title must also be dealt with standing as you will have to move a few steps laterally and frontally to reach all the tools and buttons with which you can interact.


At this point you enter the game, you choose one of the four scenarios and you begin to perform basic actions of common life with our robot operator who will assist us in the course of the tasks as if it were a single long tutorial.


Job simulator games is, for all these reasons, a really simple title to play: it does not offer any challenge rate since it will not be possible to make mistakes or lose, neither die nor score, simply the mission does not proceed until you the task assigned to us is done correctly.


All the elements with which you can interact can be destroyed or launched outside the workbench but will reappear promptly at our side to be used so there is not even any possibility of getting stuck.

At work!
At work!

It is not always indicated on screen the operation to be performed (fortunately) and also the game is entirely in English with robots that often speak in the form of metaphor. In terms of concrete gameplay and activities to play you can expect exactly what you can imagine.


In the kitchen scenario we will have to deal with the use of grills, pots, condiments and dishes; in the role of the cashier we will have to provide visitors with food, newspapers and various furnishings; as a mechanic we will have to look at it with air filters, fuel and tire changes; while as an employee we will have to perform a series of very basic tasks such as making a coffee, making photocopies or interacting with a computer with a keyboard with only two buttons and mouse.


As we have already said, the strength of job simulator pc is all in its ability to make credible and natural in the  job simulator vr a whole series of movements that perfectly remind those that can be made in real life.